Friday, January 17, 2014

WIP Everlark Recs with Titania - Love Across the Ages

Love Across the Ages

In the alternate universe of Everlark love, I’ve become fascinated with the subgenre of historical fanfiction.  I enjoy these fics because they speak to a certain inevitability in the Everlark love story; no matter where they are, what the time period or their life situation, their souls find their way back to each other (“Every you loves every me”).  Even Suzanne Collins, ever not the romantic, has written this inevitability into her story by repeatedly placing the symbol of fire (Katniss) alongside the symbol for bread/life (Peeta) to come up with toast and toasting from the very first book.  So please, read and enjoy this wonderful sampling our fandom has to offer.  I’ve refrained from adding a summary so as not to make this post 17 pages long!  A special thanks to deathmallow over at AO3 for recommending half of this list.  She has been such a delight to chat with. Please check out her wonderful story A Friend in Need, listed below, as well as her other wonderful fics. 

The Colour of Heartbreak by alatariel-gildaen

Britannia-et-Panem by justadram (Everlark, Roman Empire)

I Envy The Thy Love by Solasvioletta (Civil War, USA)

The Deadliest Sins by yourpeetaisshowing (Everlark, WWII, Germany)

A Friend in Need  by deathmallow (Everlark 1840’s America)

We Have Brought Peace Unto You by jeen02 (Everlark, 1930’s Germany)

Glitter and Dust jeen02 (Everlark, 1930’s America)

Sins of the Father by Streetlightlove (Everlark, WWII, America)

Blue and Gray/A House United by shesasurvivor(Everlark/ Civil War)

Social Standing by sponsormusings (Everlark/Victorian England)

A little Hayanna to spice up your reading time:

When Johnny Comes Marching Home by shesasurvivor (starkist) (Hayhanna, Civil Wars, America)

Seven Years Seven Pines by deathmallow (Hayhanna, 1760’s America)

Next Installment:  Fanfics from other POVs (special feature starring norbertsmom)

 Check out titania522/ct522 at ffnet, AO3 and tumblr!

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