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Hi everyone :) This is the last post here on the Nightlock Recs blog!:'(

 Please remember that we are still going to be recommending Hunger Games fanfics at our amazing tumblr.

From myself, Little Miss Mionie, I would just like to thank all of the lovely souls who helped me make Nightlock what is today, and to keep it thriving for three whole years! Thank you to Amata, Polkapop, Cindella204, Lavender Flame, For The Genuine, Debs and Titania for helping me recommend some of the greatest fanfics we've ever read, and for dazzling us all with your brilliant writing. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted their fics to our many segments and to the authors who graciously allowed us to interview.

We're keeping the site up so you can always scroll back and peruse reviews of your favourite fics. You can do this by using the tags section in the sidebar.

Lots of love, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Little Miss Mionie,
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards: The Results!

We're very proud to present the winners of the Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards! Thank you to over one hundred of you who nominated and voted. You're the reason these awards have turned out so successfully - thank you! :)

Congratulations to all our nominees - in every category, the votes were so close because of all the amazing fics!

The banners are made by a very talented soul who you can find at Thanks to everyone in the Nighlock team past and present who helped organise and get the word out about these awards, too!

Best Hunger Games - When The Moon Fell in Love with the Sun by Mejhiren

While at times a sensuous indulgence, When The Moon Fell in Love With The Sun is one of the most unique, well-written fanfictions that has ever been written the THG universe.  That is a huge statement but there is a level of sensual description that is incomparable.  The uniqueness of the language, the effort to adhere to the conventions of the true fairy tale, the ability that the writer has to truly transport the reader and literally leave the taste of the fic in the reader's mouth long after the reading is over - this is a difficult accomplishment. 

Best Catching Fire - Portrait of a Victor by Sponsormusings

Portrait of a Victor tells the story of Katniss and Peeta falling in love and fighting against the Capitol regime in a different context. Despite it's AU premise, this alternative fic set in Catching Fire is rich in canonesque details and characterisations. The complex and established nature of some of THG's finest minor characters are much more than simply canon fodder or a name check in Portrait of a Victor. Sponsormusings uses beautifully, meticulate writing style to weave this story not only into our hearts, but into our favourites lists, too.

Best Mockingjay - The Other Mockingjay by MockingjayFlyingFree

Not for the faint of heart, The Other Mockingjay is worth investing the time to read.  It reinvisions Mockingjay in which Katniss and Peeta were not reaped for the Quarter Quell but forced to get married.  Unflinching in its depiction of their life together, the angst of their union and the demands placed on them by Snow.  Again, not an easy read if you like fluffy, uncomplicated Everlark but it is an excellent alternative to Canon.
Best Modern AU - Do NotGo Gentle by dracoisalooker

Do Not Go Gentle is a heartbreaker, for sure. It is impossible for  ct522 to read this fic and not sob into her pillow, hugging it hard. We don't want to spoil the read, but it is a wonderful fic which is both sad and life affirming at the same time.  Truthfully, Peeta's drives in his old truck and Katniss' being her surly, wonderful self are the true power of this fic - it keeps both Peeta and Katniss brilliantly in character. Excellent read!

Best Historical AU - The Blind Date by Malibustacy

The Blind Date is slow-burning romance done right. This fic is a hark back to classic fanfiction; it even has a snowed-in scene! Malibustacy has written a solid story with a unique premise and flawless characterisation. Historical tidbits and a great contextual knowledge make for a great, different read in the THG fandom. Watching Katniss and Peeta's relationship progress in The Blind Date is an obsession for many us here at Nightlock.

Best Canon Complaint - Fishers of Men by A_Necklace_Of_Rope

Fishers of Men is a dark fic, to say the least. A_Necklace_of_Rope has expanded the character and world of Finnick Odair in a unique and absorbing fashion. This dark, gritty story echoes of realism and abuse that lower-class living in an oligarchical society brings; echoes that Suzanne Collins only hints at in her series. Familial disruption and Finnick's identity are at the core of this engrossing read, with strong, melancholy writing that rings true.

Best Canon Divergent - When The Moon Fell in Love with the Sun by Mejhiren

There are really not enough accolades that this fic can recieve. The only defect as that the reader must wait literally months between updates.  But when it does update, wow!  Worth the wait!

Best Romance - In The Elysian Felds by Tomistaccato

This retelling of the myth of Persephone and Hades is filled, literally filled with cannon parallels that it seems the myth was written for the trilogy, from Katniss' volunteering to the character of Hades.  Another rich writer, filled with detail and fearless in using the tone of the genre (it takes a gift to write in such a way as to honor the source material of a fic based on a myth or a fairy tale without feeling forced and the writer has it). An excellent peice of writing.

Best Growing Together - Good Again by ct522

The rest of the team were are over the moon to see that Ct522 had won the award for Best Growing Together fic. Good Again is an engrossing, near flawless fic that is sometimes hard to find in a fandom so bejwelled with drabbles and AUs; one that is canon compliant, in character and above all interesting. Good Again is a wonderful exploration of  Katniss and Peeta's relationship post-Mockingjay. ct522 not only explores our favourite couple's relationship, but expands this new world she is exploring through fascinating and exceptional details and plot points. One moment in particular that Little Miss Mionie enjoys is Katniss' meeting of the Mayor, and reading the universal right's declaration. Innovative ideas like this make Good Again one of the most popular fics of the past two years.

Thank you once again to everyone who helped make these awards possible - including you, all of our fabulous nominees and winners!

Little Miss Mionie, Debs The Owl, Cindella204 and ct522

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Only 3 Days Left To Vote For Your Fave Tributes

There's only three days left to vote for your favourite Hunger Games fics in the Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards! Thanks to everyone who's voted so far  - we've had over 70 so far.

Good luck to all our nominees!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Vote for your fave fics in the Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards!

You have two weeks to vote for your favourite Hunger Games fics in the Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards!

Thanks to amenityeverlark, loverdeen, vitaestspesest, Glittermanic, Suk-fong/BabydollRia, Ellarose88, ETnRL4L, chinchin unicorn, icbiwf, Noelle Erikals30, sabaceanbabe, SpotlessMind, Fortunefaded2012, Norbert's Mom, hakanaii, Baroness Kika, Tentadorabismo, Little Miss Mionie marblesharp, ForestFairy/Shinrin no Yousei, Nprbert, MTK4FUN, fnur and LastLeaf for nominating their favourite Hunger Games fanfictions.

Good luck to all our nominees!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daddy!Peeta and Parenthood Fics

Artwork for Little Green by the wonderful everlart @ tumblr
Nightlock reader MJ recently requested Daddy!Peeta fics. Here are the cream of the crop we've found about Peeta and his toastbabies!

All I Know by JLaLa
“That is your mother, Katniss Everdeen.” Katniss and Peeta reunite under the most difficult of circumstances.
Best daddy feature: The angsty, original and captivating plot makes Daddy!Peeta AMAZING. It's on my to devour read list.

Little Green by jeeno2
"Hi," Peeta says quietly; almost shyly. "I'm your daddy, and…" His voice cracks on the word daddy, and Katniss' heart clenches painfully inside her chest. "I'm your daddy," Peeta continues. Stronger this time. "I've waited so very long to meet you." A post-Mockingjay AU.
Best daddy feature: A realistic look at the hard road to fatherhood.

Take Care by Amelia_Day (amelia_day)
Peeta Mellark is suddenly put into a position he never expected to be in--that of a parent. Low on patience, he hires someone as desperate for a job as he is for help. Modern Day AU.
Best daddy feature: This fic is really lemony - have fun picturing a hot daddy!Peeta!

Linger by kismet4891
AU. Peeta Mellark was not the self-assured, happy young man that he worked so hard to portray to the world. Years of emotional torment from his mother, and lack of support from his father had diminished his self-esteem and understanding of self-worth. His salvation came in the most unexpected form, a life altering mistake that taught him the true meaning of love.
Best daddy feature: A captivating look at Peeta as a young, unplanned father.

Drabble by annieoakley1
Drabble requested by a fan for single!daddy Peeta.
Best daddy feature: A cute but (sadly!!) brief look at Peeta as a single, caring Dad.

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder by Alexabee
In the turbulent years leading up to the birth of Panem, the world's crops have been all but destroyed. Facing food shortages, Peeta Mellark struggles to run the family bakery while singlehandedly raising his daughter in the wake of losing his wife. Katniss Everdeen has lost something important, too - her memory. 
Best daddy feature: Selfless Peeta at his parenting finest.

Roughing It by atetheredmind
After an argument with Gale leaves her stranded in the woods, Katniss joins a handsome stranger and his son on their camping trip.
Best daddy feature: Peeta's a dashing dad!

Daddy by FierceGift
"Daddy!" The simple word wakes me up from my sleep, opening my eyes hesitantly only to scrunch them close. The harsh light of early hours burns through the blinds causing my discomfort, I roll over from my back to my side facing Peeta. 
Best daddy feature: One of the few (sadface) queer!Peeta daddies! Interesting pairing for a daddy!fic, too!

A Mellark Goodnight by ThisIsTrueImmortality
A Hunger Games Next Generation story. Peeta wakes in the dead of night to the sound of his daughter's scream. When he tries to comfort Lucerne, he finds that he is not the only Mellark struggling through nightmares.
Best daddy feature: A measured looking at Peeta parenting.

Taken Away by RandomThoughtGirl
What if it were Katniss taken at the end of Catching Fire? What if she were pregnant on top of that? Add into that, that she believes Peeta, the father of her child, to be dead because of Snow, how can she keep going on? What will Peeta risk in order to get her back to him?
Best daddy feature: A canon compliant, angsty, protective daddy.

Blend by Lbug84
"You aren't the only one with a child to protect." An Everlark Modern Day AU about becoming a blended family.
Best daddy feature: Loving his partner's children, too.

All The President's Men by Baroness Kika
Panem AU; When a scandal puts the oppressive Snow administration in its political grave, young, charismatic District Twelve representative Peeta Mellark is thrust into the role of President. As he and his staff struggle to serve a troubled nation, Peacekeeper Katniss Everdeen keeps a watchful eye on the only thing Peeta loves more than his country. 
Best daddy feature: A powerful president and parent!

Everlark Drabble by the boy with the bread 
Drabble request about single!daddy Peeta, his naughty kid and teacher!Katniss.
Best daddy feature: We see a rare stern daddy in a sea of doting, indulgent cutie Peetas.

Invention of the Capitol by TheTruthLiesWithTheTwins
With the help of capitol doctors, Peeta and Gale will hopefully be able to begin a family.
Best daddy feature: Mpreg certainly makes this fic stand apart from the others. I wish there were more cis-Peeta daddy fics where he had a surrogate or adopted (mpreg is not my style - alas!)

Kudos to the everlarkrecs tumblr, where I was able to source some good suggestions!

Happy reading,
Little Miss Mionie

PS. Remember to vote in the Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards!

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Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards

To send us off in style, and to thank all of our readers for following and contributing to Nightlock Recs for four years, we've decided to host a little awards ceremony!

We will be asking you to nominate and vote for your favourite Hunger Games fanfiction in a range of categories. We will be awarding the winners a banner and a collective review from the Nightlock team - myself (Little Miss Mionie), Cindella204, ct522 and The Owl!

The categories are:
Best Hunger Games fic
Best Catching Fire fic 
Best Mockingjay fic
Best Canon Compliant fic
Best Canon Divergent fic
Best Modern AU fic
Best Historical AU fic
Best Romance fic
Best Growing Together fic

Nominating is open now and will close on June 30. Voting will run for two weeks, closing on July 14.  The winners will be announced and awarded very soon after that.

So, what are you waiting for? Volunteer your favourite fics as tribute!! (And please share this with your fellow allies).