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Erotica Fics ~ Part II

My previous review of Erotica fics is our most popular post, with over 6,000 hits. Back then, I couldn't find many well-written ones, but it seems that fandom is opening up a little more. It is hard to find good Hunger Games smut, so it's no wonder the previous post got so many hits. I've decided to give you lovely people what you want - so here's some more smutty, PWP, erotic, NSFW fics for you to enjoy!

If anyone is interested, thgkinkmeme has a lot of filled prompts by anonymous authors in their masterpost comments that might begin to satisfy you.

Erotica recs under the cut because they're oh so naughty.
(But srsly, please be cautious if you are offended or underage or against smut etc, because the excerpts provided are NC-17.)

Playing Doctor by Anonymous
(No summary. Filled prompt).
Ship: Prim/Rory
Excerpt: His adam's apple bobbed as she splayed her fingers across his abdominals, and she turned him over to inspect his back. There was a bruise blossoming on his left shoulder blade, no doubt where he landed. She tenderly stroked the blemish, not knowing why this felt so intimate, and why she didn't want to stop. Her hands traveled further, and Rory began to relax under her comforting touch. His deltoids felt tense and knotted, and she rubbed them the way she rubbed her mother's back, when she fell into a spell of sadness. He groaned when she reached the dip between his shoulders. 

Four Times Katniss and Gale Made Love, and The One Time They Didn't by aimmyarrowshigh
Summary: Written for the thgkinkmeme prompt, "Katniss/Gale, first time."
Ship: Katniss/Gale
Excerpt: Katniss nodded, then turned away from him and stripped out of her gray uniform. Gale watched the lines of her back and the indents at the base of her spine, the lean curve of her waist, and he wondered he hadn’t noticed that her shoulders and neck were all scarred from the bombing, too. She pulled on her standard, plain Thirteen-issue pajamas before she turned to come over to the bed.

The Cave by SassenachWench
SummaryFor those who wanted more of Katniss/Peeta in their "cave".
Ship: Katniss/Peeta
Excerpt: Without breaking away he rolls us so he is on top of me, his larger frame hovering over mine, his weight supported on his elbows. He then breaks our kiss to run a series of smaller, slower kisses down my neck and collarbone. The sensation this causes is beyond measure for me. I have never been touched like this, and my body is alive with it. I let a low moan escape as Peeta reaches the top of my breasts with his mouth. My body, acting of its own accord, arches my back, asking Peeta for what it so desperately needs.

Wounded Hearts by Anonymous
(No Summary. Filled prompt.)
Ship: Finnick/Katniss
Excerpt: She barely had time to register what he had said when he opened her legs and lowered his mouth. His tongue parted her sex with quick little flicks. Katniss began to moan and bit her hand to stop the sound from escaping. He continued to lick and suck, alternating with his tongue and fingers, until she was moving her hips, needing more. Wanting more. 

(No Title) by Anonymous
(No summary. Filled prompt.)
Ship: Cinna/Finnick
Excerpt: Then his eyes lock on Cinna, and he smiles. Cinna just keeps staring. The bodysuit is so tight he can see everything -- his chest, now being blatantly caressed by one of the men, his slim hips, a hint of the bulge of his cock.

Interlude by BlackEyedGirl
Summary: It’s not love: a moment in their room on a dark night. But it is friendship, in a way that only the two of them might understand.
Ship: Katniss/Johanna
Excerpt: Katniss flushes hot but only for a moment. She rocks her hand and Johanna cries out, louder again than her. Johanna is unashamed, and Katniss copies her in that. Of all the awful things the two of them have done, all the guilt they hold inside and turn to anger, this is nothing to regret. 

Happy reading and lusting!
~ Little Miss Mionie

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