Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Katniss/Peeta Without The Games (AU D12 fics)

The lovely Tiffany has requested some THG fics where Katniss and Peeta's relationship progresses without the Hunger Games being a factor, or being post-reaping age. She's asked for fics with the Seam/Merchant class dynamic. And we're here to deliver!

There are quite a few more popular fics that fall under these categories, such as Aimmyarrowshigh's Capitol Pastries series and monroesolittle's Knot Your Fingers Through Mine, but I wanted to find new fics for Tiffany.

A Brief Madness by Everlark_Pearl
Mr. and Mrs. Mellark fought for hours that night. It was a screaming match that Peeta was sure the entire town could hear. “Seam Brat” and “trash” were shouted countless times, causing Peeta to cringe every time his mother’s shrill voice uttered those awful words, and by the end of the night, only one thing was clear — Gale Hawthorne was coming to work at the Mellark’s Bakery. In Panem AU.
In A Word: Intriguing!

Another Day Another Dollar by therebelliondies
AU. Katniss is living in an over populated area of Chicago called the Seam. Join her as she traverses the hazards of living in industrial North America circa 1900 as she tries to protect her family. 
In A Word: Unique

Once...In This District by passionately_curious
Katniss Everdeen, orphaned after a great storm, always dreamed of something more than the simple life offered in the Seam; specifically, the love of a wealthy Merchant boy from the other side of the district. The powerful Victors who rule over the district guide Katniss on a quest to test the strength of her love against the forces of prejudice, hatred and death.

The Baker's Daughter by aymanderz
Katniss Everdeen, the baker's daughter, and Peeta Mellark, a boy from the seam, form an unthinkable bond. How will they handle the disapproval from their loved ones without losing each other?
In A Word: Switched

Happy reading,
Little Miss Mionie

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