Thursday, October 20, 2011

/ (...Yay! Slash Fanfic Recs.)

I thought I'd post some Hunger Games slash recs; it seemed topical since in my film class we started talking about the oddity that is slash fan fiction (the oddity being that it's generally written by girls. Fangirls.) So, yes, Yaoi goodness in the form of Hunger Games characters. Like femmeslash, it's not too big in THG compared to het pairings, but considering fanfiction's track record with fandoms like Harry Potter, I expect as the fandom grows slash will have more of a readership (and writer-ship?). I have to say, I was really was actually surprised how hard it was to find good slash fics; you can't just google "hunger games slash" or even stuff like "Haymitch/Chaff" and expect heaps of results to come up.

Here's a few that I liked not only for these author's takes on these pairings, but for the fact that they are well written.

Ship: Gale/Peeta
Summary: Peeta never expected to see Gale on the Victory Tour. He especially didn't plan on sharing a room with him. The real quesion is, can they get along, or will they end up killing each other?

Ship: Peeta/Cinna
Summary: He still loves her, but he loves Cinna more. And that isn't going to change.
*I've recc'd this previously, but I think it deserves to be in this post too.

15 Pairings (Drabbles 007 and 011.) by aimmyarrowshigh
Ships: Haymitch/Brutus and Haymitch/Chaff
Summary: None given.

Ship: Cinna/Finnick
Summary: Before he was a stylist, Cinna met a victor at a party. The rest isn't quite history.

Ship: Haymitch/Chaff
Summary: “Tell you what,” Haymitch groans, more because it’s annoying than because Chaff is taking too damn long to get Haymitch’s pants open with one hand. “Next one to mention the Games doesn’t get off.”

I'm probably missing some major everyone-reads-this-fic because I don't read any slash (I'm more of a femmeslash reader), so if you're like o_O why haven't you listed such-and-such?! leave the fic's name and/or link in a comment :)

~ Little Miss Mionie

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  1. Everyone reads this slash!! It's Cinna/Finnick.

  2. Thanks for the recs

  3. Someone seriously needs to write some Finnick/Beetee...anyone agree?



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