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Fics for Holiday Tears

Happy Holidays! The Owl is back with some heartbreaking stories so you'll have an excuse to cry during the Holidays (ouch).
And of course I'm kidding!

Tie a Knot and Hang On ( and AO3), by Shesasurvivor (author's tumblr)

Let's start with a Finnick/Katniss (friendship!) story. We don't see this often, and Shesasuvivor explored this relationship in this one-shot.

Summary: Finnick visits Katniss in the hospital after Peeta's assault, and shares the story of how he and Annie fell in love. Odesta, Everlark. Written as part of the Hunger Games Spring Fling on AO3.

Warnings: Rated T.

Why is this fic a creature from the night?
Finnick and Katniss share the stage as friends. Their conversation is what guides the plot, and this is certainly something rare in this fandom.

Why is it good?
It's an interesting journey in the author's take on Finnick and Annie's relationship. Katniss is destroyed because of Peeta (Mockingjay), and the Victor from Four brings her comfort.

Writing stuff comments:
Shesasurvivor's dialogues are very fluent, and they domain this fic's context. 1st Person POV, Katniss' POV, Present tense, but we go into Finnick's mind by his lovely words.

Heartbreaking line:
“Was it worth it?” I ask.


I had some fun around Shesasurviver's profile. Titania522 recently recommended amazing stories from a not-so-comfortable theme: prostitution. I loved her recs, and since this theme kind of enters in my jurisdiction too (obscure!fics), I decided to add this WIP.

The Tigers Come at Night ( and AO3), by Shesasurvivor (author's tumblr)

Summary: Forced into prostitution in the Capitol, Katniss and Peeta find a way to seek refuge in the only people who understand: each other. But when they begin to sleep together for comfort in the supposed safety of their own homes, an unplanned occurrence makes the third Quarter Quell more difficult than it already is. Catching Fire AU. WARNING: Forced prostitution, non-con sexual situations.
(Yeah, the girl can go to the dark side too.)

Warnings: Prostitution, Non-Con, Adult Content, Abuse, Rated NC-17.

Why is this fic a creature from the night?
Prostitution. Not a fun theme; full of angst, fear and desolation.

Why is it good?
Katniss and Peeta are surprised by it. They are leaving a party and suddenly they have to face this reality. The first paragraphs install a setting that you can't just stop reading.
Katniss' innocence is another center theme. She doesn't know what it's going on, and Peeta has to lead. It's what canon Everlark would be.

Writing stuff comments:
Another point to Shesasurvivor's dialogues, but there are more description here. Katniss' POV, 1st Person, Present Tense. Like the books. The description from Katniss' POV is limited due to her inexperience, but it adds to the feeling of the story.

Heartbreaking line:
" (…) and with a bow (…), ushers us inside. We exchange another glance, unsure, before Peeta cautiously steps forward, placing himself between the man and me (…)  Then the door shuts."

Burning ( and AO3), by Swish Willow Wand (author's tumblr)

Entering the "minor pairing" section of my recs, I offer you this angst Gadge (Gale/Madge) story.

Summary: He doesn't know how it happened, but suddenly it's the night before the Games start and he's restless in his bed, thinking of her. - Alternate Games.

Warnings: Rated T.

Why is this fic a creature from the night?
Minor pairing. I recently discovered this great Gadge world, and I intend to write a full rec about Gadge stories.

Why is it good?
It is a current theme in Gadge stories, when Gale and Madge are reaped. They are both minor characters in the books, and the author is free to explore their personalities, but Swish makes them look really canon. Her take on Madge is extremely rich.

Writing stuff comments:
She likes flashback scenes and to jump forth and back the timeline, but she does the transitions skillfully, and it's a great way to present an AU. 3rd Person POV, Gale's POV, Present Tense.

Heartbreaking line:

"Stop," she hisses, (…) "What good is it to talk like this, Gale, when we're going to die?"

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