Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Site Updates and Reminders!

Hey! Just here with a few fun updates about Nightlock to let you in on, and a few reminders :)


We have a new layout!
Isn't it all shiny and pretty?! Let us know what you think in the comments.

Our most popular posts by hit-count are...
1. Erotic fics  (11,842 hits) 2. Slash fics  (3,457 hits) 3. Post-MJ fics (2,158 hits) 4. Cato/Clove fics (1,598 hits)   5. Funny fics (1,539 hits)

We'll be posting our interview with DustWriter very soon.

With 67% so far...
Our poll shows that y'all love Katniss/Peeta!

Our Allies
Our friends over at the GiggleSnort files would like to let you know that they now have a Hunger Games category added to their website; so you can now house your hilarious THG fics there!

If you'd like to get your Hunger Games fanfiction beta'd, the fabulous Project Team Beta can help you out :) Seriously, they are amazing. I was a beta there for a year, and the amount of work that goes into PTB....!


We have twitter.
Get all social-networky on us. 

Getting A Fic Recommended
If you'd like a fic (or your fic!) recommended, you can email us or tweet us the details; you can also fill out the self-promo sundays form, the weekly fic rec form, or write a guest review.

Finding A Fic Rec
While we have tags down the left-hand sidebar, you can also find out past post via segments in the sidebar, through our past posts page, or simply by trolling through back pages of the site!

~ Little Miss Mionie

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  1. This is my favorite layout yet. :D It's a bit more dramatic, I think.

    "Erotic fics" is still the most popular, huh? That's... interesting.


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