Monday, October 17, 2011

Cato/Clove Recs

The lovely duo Kira and Matt that make up the Nightlock Podcast (not related to us!) asked me to recommend some Cato/Clove fanfics for their upcoming podcast, which required me to branch out from the ships and types of fics I usually read. I'd never really thought much of Cato or Clove (or any sexual tension/romance they may have had), but I'm not surprised that quite a few authors out there had. That's what I love about fanfiction. People take phrases, characterisations and symbols and really run with them.

A common theme of the Cato/Clove fanfictions I found was that they were quite sexually explicit, violent and be warned. It's not canon fluff, that's for sure! So yes, I'm really excited to present you with what I think are some of the best Cato/Clove fics around (my alternative is to do assignments, so yes, this is very exciting.)

i will posses by clotpoles
cato wants to play her like a fiddle but he’ll break all the strings.
Verdict: Poetic little one-shot.

for the sake of convenience  by paper_pinwheels
she's not sure how much is fear and how much is actual want.
Verdict: A well done exploration of Clove's feelings during her Games.

oh, fury loves company by prettyworthless
"He can see himself breaking her bones and stroking the rushes of her blood as they dissipate and it consumes him, the all-encompassing desire of having her on his hands. Finally, finally, this is our moment of glory."
Verdict: Uhm. Primal. Violent. Sexual. Yet you can't turn away.

Wanting Later by LovesTheBoyWithTheBread
Clove's POV, of her and Cato's few moments before the feast, before she goes to her death. The kiss that they never had.
Verdict: Love the title. A melancholy little ficlet.

The Unknown Lovers of District 2 by BlackRoseOpal
We've all heard of Katniss and Peeta and their undying love for each other, overpowering all the other tributes. But there is another story hidden in the arena and behind the cameras. A doomed love from District 2, Cato and Clove.
Verdict: Wow, Cato and Clove are totally fleshed out characters in this. A great fic for those who want more than a snapshot of this pairing.

Be sure to catch the upcoming episode of Nightlock Podcast to hear what those folks have to say about these fics! Also, if you are ever looking for a well-written story about a minor ship or character, it's best to go to livejournal or A03. and the THG-specific sites tend to be a little more mainstream or canonish. And livejournal fics, with their lowercase titles (haha!), just seem so much more artsy.

~ Little Miss Mionie

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  1. I highly recommend Love is a Battlefield by caisha720 too.


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