Monday, July 2, 2012

Backwards (K/G, K/P, M/G)

Backwards by Posythorne
Summary: Catnip, you've got a couple of things to learn about having someone's back. A collection of Gale moments. G
Ships: Katniss/Gale, Katniss/Peeta, Gale/Madge
Why? Backwards is a brilliant one-shot. Posythorne captures Gale's characterisation perfectly, as evidenced by first-person narration. It is a series of scenes of Gale interacting with main characters up until Catching Fire. I really enjoyed seeing a younger Katniss from Gale's eyes; I think posythorne really entrenches the sense of Katniss and Gale having the burden of their entire families on their shoulders. With a short, straight-forward sentence structure, the beauty, quiet and strength of Gale is really pulled through.

I kiss Prim on the forehead and she lets me stroke her cotton silk hair until she falls to sleep. My family will have to manage on the leftovers of yesterday's squirrels. This home is too broken for me to walk away from tonight.

I also really liked that Gale is shown not only with Katniss, but with Madge. This author does a marvellous job of giving Gale Hawthorne the depth and complexities he deserves - whether this is in his mannerisms, reflections, or his characterisation. My only criticism is that the final scene is not as impactful as the previous ones - but perhaps posythorne wanted to leave Backwards on an indeterminate note.

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