Sunday, February 2, 2014

Self Promotion Sundays #13

After a very long break I present Self Promotion Sundays #13! And it's fitting that today is the Super Bowl, is it not? As the most popular televised athletic event (for a reason I don't understand)? Dare I say, as our Hunger Games??

The Orphan
by RedneckPlasticFlamingo
Summary: "As we all know, your father passed away on the day of the reaping recently. Would you mind elaborating?" Rue could feel the audience. They had their breaths bated, leaning forward hungrily in their chairs. "A Peacekeeper killed him," she told Caesar. The crowd burst in gasps and shrieks. But little did Rue know, her few words would cause Panem to break completely.
Status: In Progress

The Spark
by thebigdog2895
Summary: Disclaimer: I own nothing. Set after Mockingjay, but before the epilogue, one can see that Katniss and Peeta's love for each other flames on hotter than the sun. All it took, was a spark.
Status: Complete

Safe and Sound / Like a Heart Needs to Beat / Sea of Flames
A Cato and Clove AE series by thebigdog2895
Summary: Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is a heartfelt story about Clove and Cato with an altered future and the people they are. WARNING: LEMONS!
Status: Complete

Faded Burns
by xoleah25
Summary: Peeta and Katniss have returned back to District 12. As they try to figure out the beginnings of their normal lives, where will this lead the two ex-starcrossed lovers? A Pre-Epilogue that tells of the pairs rekindling.
Status: In Progress

Enjoy :)


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