Sunday, November 3, 2013

Little Miss Mionie's Fave Fics Of All Time, Hands Down

Howdy Capitol lovers! Not long until Catching Fire opens in cinemas - are you excited?

Tonight, I'm reminiscing on my favourite fics of all time, hands down, which is part of a series the staff at Nightlock are taking part in! Without further ado, let us walk down that squeeing, compulsively reviewing lane...

Grow Together by Miss Scarlett 05
Summary: Pre-epilogue Mockingjay. How Katniss and Peeta slowly pick up the pieces and begin again. My version of a fourth book for the Hunger Games series. Secret toastings, lots of plotting, crass drunk Haymitch and even a cake scene.
Why? Haha, I love the new summary. I fucking fell in love with this fic years ago. The author became a great fandom friend of mine as I was reading it, which probably made me in of awe of it even more. This is hands down the best multiple chapter Post-MJ fic dealing with Katniss and Peeta's relationship. Miss Scarlett 05's handling of Katniss' characterisation, Katniss and Peeta's healing from trauma and tragedy and the inclusion of Capitol characters really made this fic for me. Can't recommend it enough! It's my head canon, basically.

The Good Wife by silvercistern
Summary: "You're an awful wife, sweetheart." He's said worse, and so have I, but something about this, maybe the fact that this is the second time I've been told the same thing in one day, makes me burst into tears. Katniss discovers that being married is hard. Second installment of The Ashes of District Twelve series.
Why? I just love Silvercistern's characterisation of Katniss. It feels very IC to me. Also love love love Haymitch's narration. It's a different Post-MJ fic but it can still stand on it's own feet. I always re-read this one when I want to be entertained.

Five Loaves of Bread: Capitol Pastries by aimmyarrowshigh
Summary: The only person who wins the Hunger Games is Snow, and you know it. You gave up happy when you kept playing Snow's games.
Why? Coz it's so fucking creepy! I love dark fics that do justice to the series, and V is just an amazing author with a whole head full of canon knowledge to make her plots great.

Scars by holymfwickee
Summary: Post-CF. Peeta is rescued from the Capitol by Katniss and her band of rebels; however, after months of torture it is unknown if he will survive. It is also unknown if Katniss will survive if he doesn't. Majority written prior to the publication of MJ.
Why? It's a very canon-compliant AU and very well written.

Summary: Amid the media circus leading up to the Quarter Quell, Katniss and Peeta try to create something real.
Why? This is such a twisted plot but let's face it, it's probably what would happen in a place like Panem. The plot alone makes this fic fantastic. I love the commentary on sexual assault and consent. The title rocks.

Do any of these fics rate in your top faves?

Happy reading,
Little Miss Mionie

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