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'Peeta wins the Games' fics

Sierra once again called upon our fic-sleuthing services to find fics where Peeta Mellark wins the Hunger Games and comes home to Katniss. Now, I'm here to deliver with some of the best Peeta Wins! fanfiction I could find. If you know of any not listed, leave a comment!

I had to skew the definition given, so if Peeta wins (sans Katniss), but with someone else, I've included those since there aren't a lot of fics with Peeta winning and Katniss stuck in District 12.

Keep the Blood in Your Head by atetheredmind
"Katniss Everdeen wanted him to live. She wanted him to come home. And he could do it, for her. He would. If there was anything worth fighting for now, it was her." Peeta Mellark is chosen as tribute for the 74th Hunger Games.
Review: This fic is very well written, very descriptive. The sequel And Keep Your Feet on the Ground is just as gripping (with even more reviews than the first!)

The Other Perspective by annarosen
He takes off, his feet fast and strong. There's a bloodbath behind him, but he pays no attention. He is possessed by fear, adrenaline pumping through his body; I can almost feel his heartbeat. Careers are hungry, they are on a hunt; their target, the boy with the bread. I cling to Peeta's letter, the one he gave me to read if he dies.
Review: This is a great action-packed fic!

My universe will never be the same by Thomas Emerson
Peeta Mellark is reaped for the 74th Hunger Games. This year, the gamemakers have something interesting in mind... two tributes can win, but only if they're on the same team. But team does not mean district... 
Review: A really interesting plot to drive the Peeta/Cato ship. It's an original and unique take on this genre.

Capitol Pastries by aimmyarrowshigh
The only person who wins the Hunger Games is Snow, and you know it. You gave up happy when you kept playing Snow's games.
Review: Pretty sure I've recommended the Five Loaves of Bread series three times on Nightlock by now, but this fic is worth mentioning once again. Creepy and interesting plot.

The Precious Little Girl Who Glowed by blueSKIES247
"Volunteering is not allowed, dear." —How Prim and Peeta win the Hunger Games, how Prim and Haymitch defeat the Quarter Quell, how Prim becomes the face of the rebellion, and how everything turns out the same in the end.
Review: If you're a Prim/Peeta shipper, you'll love this twist on the first book. Great characterisation, pacing and writing style.

Thanks for the request, Sierra!

Happy reading,
Little Miss Mionie

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  1. Another great Peeta wins and Katniss is home waiting for him is Maybe It's Just Me by BleedtoLoveHer on :)


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