Sunday, November 3, 2013

Femmeslash Fics

That's right, folks! Femmeslash Fics. There's a great bunch of sapphic fics featuring women characters from the Hunger Games falling in love or getting some sexin' in this fandom; some of them in particular are beautiful one-shots. Read on for some lesbian (or bisexual, or pansexual, but hey, most of these fics avoid identifications...) luuuuurve.

Burning Kisses by Tamoline
Summary: You were predisposed to hate her before you ever met. But this is the closest to a kiss you're ever going to get.
'Katniss and Madge' by Nani-Mi @ dA
Ship: Katniss/Johanna
In A Word: Angsty

Like A Sound Caught In My Throat by Little Miss Mionie
Summary: Love and hurt and anger and everything not told. Three not-so-common scenes in Hunger Games fanfiction.
Ship: Katniss/Madge
In A Word: Quick

Sweet Surrender by Fembuck/Janine
Summary: Sometimes one can find comfort and companionship in the strangest of places with the most unlikely of people.
Ship: Katniss/Johanna
In A Word: Best

the beautiful wreckage by pluto-charon/joyfraser
Summary: Johanna only tries to kill herself once.
Ship: Johanna/Annie
In A Word: Lyrical

Stay to the End by Solanaceae
Summary: Clove/Glimmer in a hallucinatory sort of way.
Ship: Clove/Glimmer
In A Word: Psychedelic

Behind Closed Doors by fembuck/Janine
Summary: Johanna and Katniss have some energy to burn after a day of training.
Ship: Katniss/Johanna
In A Word: Dirty

An Anniversary to Remember by glintwarsgreatest
Summary: It's their anniversary, and they like to give each other gifts that will benefit them both. Katniss wants a woman and Peeta wants to watch.
Ships: Katniss/Madge (and Katniss/Madge/Peeta)
In A Word: Hot

For more recs, check out Youcantseeus' awesome slash and femmeslash rec list! Fembuck aka "Janine", whose fics I've rec'd a couple of times here, is also the fandom's most prolific writer of lesbian relationships, so be sure to check out all her fics.

Happy reading,
Little Miss Mionie

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