Monday, October 21, 2013

What's coming up at Nightlock Recs?

Here's what fic recommendations got planned for the rest of 2013!

  • Femmeslash fics (finally, I swear I will post this!)
  • Electrumqueen's "this you can keep"
  • AU, 'Peeta as a soldier in an American war' fics (Civil War - Iraq)
  • Our Project Team Beta prompt challenge in November
  • A Guest Review
  • Bamboozledone's "Alternate Takes" series
  • Hunger Games/Harry Potter crossover fics
  • More Weekly Fan Fic Recs
  • Little Miss Mionie's 'Fave Fics Of All Time, Hands Down'
  • Solaryllis' "Gale's Guide to Hunting and Fishing"
Remember, we're looking for fic reccers to join the Nightlock team. No experience necessary! Email us at for more info.

Happy reading,
Little Miss Mionie 

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