Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cinna Fics

It's been a while, hasn't it?  So sorry for that, but here I am with two lovely fics featuring a character who's a personal favorite of mine: Cinna.  Two views, two oneshots, ladies and gentlemen, this post I present:

Author:  WonderTwinC
Summary: A stolen moment from Catching Fire on the night before the Quarter Quell.

Title:  After the Fire
Author:  Trippy41
Summary:  It was his mother’s death last year that spurred Cinna to use his talents for the tributes in the Hunger Games, much to the consternation of his father, who wanted Cinna to work exclusively with him. Cinna, however, feels the need to distinguish himself from his father. From the Capitol.  The Hunger Games is a perfect venue for this.

My Recommendation: 

"called out in the dark" -- Cinna/Katniss is a delicate thing.  Too little and you find yourself with a rather bland fic, too much and it starts seeming forced, trying to make it work.  "called out in the dark" finds a perfect, heartwarmingly touching balance.  This fic is just what the summary describes it as -- a moment, just a moment; but it feels so oddly well fitted into the book, so simple and yet very well executed.  A quick but must read for Cinna/Katniss fans.

"After the Fire" -- This fic offers a very interesting backstory for Cinna, embellishing on certain aspects of him and his relationships that we see in the books.  The style is quite captivating and even in just providing information always keeps you interested.  Cinna is sometimes a hard character to decode, but Trippy41 does a spectacular job of tying all the new aspects of his life into the character we already know and love.  A great job of a minor-character fic.

Those are the recommendation's for this time -- check them out, and be sure to leave the authors a review with your thoughts!

*Lavender Flame.

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