Saturday, September 29, 2012

Haysilee-Ever-After Fics (AU)

Oh golly gosh, this was a hard task. The lovely Mora emailed us with the following request:

Mora's in good company. You'd be mistaken in thinking it was easy to find fics where both Haymitch and Maysilee came out of their games alive, our where they both had a happily-ever-after (aka Maysilee lived). Coz tchaa. It was nigh impossible for me to find AU haysilee fics! I scoured, tumblr, lj, ao3 and more - and these are the fics I could find. If you know of any more, please comment here or email us at and I'll add them to this post!

If Only by 1oooW0rds
Summary: If only fate wasn't so cruel. Drabble collection of Maysilee/Haymitch.
In A Word: Gritty
*Maysilee doesn't live (she's a ghost-thing in one drabble!), but this is beautifully written, and they have some happily-evers before the afters.

in loving you with my whole heart by shahzadi 
Summary: A short drabble completed for the prompt: "Haymitch and Maysilee get out of the arena by pretending to be in love." Haymitch's girl lives in the aftermath of their victory.
In A Word: Sacrifice

Reminds Me of Me by kath_synecdoche
Summary: Maysilee sees something in Johanna Mason that nobody else seems to see.
In A Word: ....Different...
*Not H/M but Maysilee lives.

~ Little Miss Mionie

PS. If you're invested in the Haymitch/Maysilee relationship, check out this haysilee tumblr :)

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