Saturday, July 7, 2012

Piecework (Cinna/Finnick)

Welcome, tributes!  You might remember that in my very first post here at Nightlock, I recommended a lovely extended-oneshot known as "Wisely, I Say, I Am A Bachelor".  Today's recommendation is the fabulous sequel-type fic to this, written by a different author.  Ladies and Gentlemen:

Title:  Piecework
Author:  lindensphinx
Summary:  Cinna makes the best decision of his career.  Or the worst, if you ask President Snow.
Rating:  M

This is, hands down, one of the best Cinna-centric pieces I've ever read.  It has a simply elegant style so suiting to his character; the writing is inspirational but keeps itself in the background.  Once you finish reading, it stays in your mind; you'll go back for more.  Subtle might be the word for the beauty of the writing; it's unforced and pleasant to read.
I open the front door of my apartment and turn on all the lights at once, fast, like ripping off the bandage the darkness makes. No Peacekeeper guns bristle at me from my livingroom. There's nothing but my couch, the framed photographs above it, the glowing city out my windows, the bare dressmaker's dummy and all the leftover feathers.
I sit down and put my head in my hands and wish I knew what to do with myself. 
I don't want to be asleep when they come for me. I wish I'd gone home with Trajan, or gone out to a club or another party, except I don't think I can stand being around anyone who wants to congratulate me right now. Maybe no one has arrested me because the only people who saw that dress and liked it are here, in the Capitol, and none of them understood what I meant by it. Maybe all I've done is make myself the toast of the fashion world, like I always wanted to be before I knew anything about the Games other than what they could do for my career. 
I don't know if it's that thought or the remnants of the adrenaline that makes me sickly dizzy, but either way when the knock at my door finally comes, I'm relieved. 
I open it.
A twist to all the concepts keeps it original and refreshing.  Of all the Cinna-fics out there, a lot of pieces are in this same time period.  But "Piecework" really adds to the story, and perfectly compliments Mithrigil's "Wisely, I Say, I Am A Bachelor".  The author seamlessly pics up the universe built around these characters, their relationships, and the completely unique portrayal of every character, including OCs.

With all the notes on the style, the wonderful descriptions and metaphors really do come out, always different and never overdone.  They present emphasis and meaning, not just a picture of what's happening.
The flames come up from the hem and the sleeves at the same time, lick up the seams in curls of dark orange and a yellow so bright it burns white-gold. Katniss' face glows, framed terrified and then amazed in plumes of steel smoke that dissipate when she breathes, as if she's clarifying the air, transforming it as the fire's transformed her.  
As I've transformed her. 
Writing extended-oneshots that take place over a smaller period of time is an art upon itself, and lindensphinx has this down perfectly.  Nothing the reader wants to miss out on is left out, and no scene is boring or without a purpose.  There's a good contrast of longer and shorter sections to keep it mixed-up and intriguing.

An all-around amazing fic, "Piecework" definitely deserves your time.

That's this post's recommendation - go check it out for yourself, you won't regret it.

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