Monday, May 21, 2012

We'll Be Fine (Prim/Rory) and Everything will be alright (Wiress/Beetee)

Hello, everyone!  It's been a long wait, I know, but here are two positively amazing hurt/comfort-type fanfics for you all:

Title:  We'll Be Fine
Summary:  He told her they would be fine, soon to be home in District Twelve, the witnesses to the end of the war. Turns out he was wrong. Prim's last moments with Rory. Prim x Rory.

Author:  Loverly Souris
Summary:  "But now, you're not my mentor, you're my..." "Companion." - Of fears, memories and a song a few days before the Quarter Quell.                                                      
My Recommendation:

We'll Be Fine - Being honest, I'm not much of a Prim/Rory fan; but this fanfic sold it to me completely.  For what little we see of Prim in Mockingjay, this fic captures her during that time period perfectly.  This doesn’t strike you as just a oneshot, but rather as an ending to a story left untold.  Tragic and sweet at the same time (and besides that, the romance is just adorable.)

Everything will be alright This is Wiress/Beetee at its best.  The mistake a lot of Fanfictions make with these two is ignoring their portrayal in the canon; this fic does nothing of the sort.  Their relationship is suiting and developed well, with all of the complications it should have.  The history is worked in flawlessly, giving the style a nice twist on the norm.  A unique story that adds to the Hunger Games world.

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So those are this week's recs; go on, read and review!  Also, if there are any pairings you'd like to see a fanfic-rec for, comment and let me know, please!

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