Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May's Author of the Month: monroeslittle

Hola mi amigo! Welcome to the 100th post here at Nightlock!

I'm pleased to present you with this month's Author of the Month, monroeslittle!

I first found monroeslittle's stories when I was fic diving on and boy, oh boy, was I pleased. With six outstanding stories written for The Hunger Games (five being extended onehots and the lastest being a multi-chap), the author has written just under 150k words for this fandom and all of them will leave you reeling.

Now, there's a small problem with this next part. I'm supposed to recommend some specific pieces or bits of writing, but I'm having a hard time zeroing in on exactly which ones I want to feature. If I name drop The Sun is Gonna Shine or The Water is Rising Quick, surely you'll read them. But then, I also want to talk about All this Waiting for Skies to Fall and Knot Your Fingers Through Mine. Such choices.

Okay. Read them all. But here's a small featurette of some of the "stop-breaking-my-heart-it's-just-so-sad" moments:

All this Waiting for the Skies to Fall
"The day the war ends, the sky is pinker than ever, the sun flaming as it rises, and he sees a girl.
He thinks she might be more radiant than the sun."
 The Water is Rising Quick
"It's like the last Games. Just one kiss, a kiss to live for and to die by. Just one kiss, that's all he needs. She kisses him to shut him up, just like last year, but this is a real kiss. His blood runs hot with the knowledge. He knows her lips so well, knows a fake kiss from Katniss like he knows how to breathe, and this is so achingly real as her hands curl into his hair and she kisses him."
The Sun is Gonna Shine
"He wants this. But she knows that; he has always wanted this, has hinted at it. He has been patient about it, has waited and waited and waited, even when she shouted that it would never happen and that he was welcome to leave her for a woman who would happily, carelessly have his babies.
 (But Peeta will never leave her; she knows it like she knows how to breathe. And as if to make that clear, he had looked at her plaintively and replied that he didn't want a baby, he wanted her baby.)"
And finally, Knot Your Fingers Through Mine - I would quote this one, but it's multi-chap and set during the Civil War and as AU as you think that sounds it is just absolutely amazing and you should read it because every chapter is written with such precision that you think "Oh, maybe Katniss and Peeta were totally real people and this is a real story."

Please, take a few hours and give monroeslittle a slow clap for an amazing job. You won't regret it.

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