Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little Miss Mionie's Recs: Fics Fics Fics (K/P, K/G)

Hey y'all.
Long time no recs, hey! ... I know you love it when I keep you waiting ;)
Here's some fab fics I've read recently that I have been dying to recommend to you.

Title: Touchstone
Author: Charlottetrips
Ship: Katniss/Peeta
Summary: This is why she stayed with him.
Why? Touchstone is a really unique look at Katniss and Peeta in a post-mockingjay world. Intense and wonderfully written.

Title: inherit the earth
Author: Liketrains
Ship: Katniss/Peeta
Summary: She doesn't know whose nightmares they are hiding from tonight. Maybe that line has blurred indefinitely. spoilers for mockingjay. 
Why? Oh My Gale Hawthorne, this fic renders me speechless. It is so, so innovative in the world of post-mockingjay fics in terms of the plot and tropes. I love all of the canon pieces put into this, and the poetic elongated sentence structure. The pacing is just brilliant. It's aching. A must-read.

Title: Guilty
Author: sephiesport
Ship: Katniss/Gale
Summary: While Katniss is fighting for her life during the 75th Hunger Games, Gale's got his own problems to deal with. Namely planning a rebellion, avoiding the psycho who wants him dead, and survivng a bombing. You know, no big deal. Gale's POV of Catching Fire.
Why? Awesme, on-the-spot characterisation of Gale. This is such a great exploration of all the things we didn't see. I haven't finished reading it, but Guilty totally has me hooked.

~ Little Miss Mionie

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