Sunday, April 1, 2012

as far as tales go, this one is cautionary (Johanna/Finnick, Johanna/Gale)

Hi all. This month's rec is
amazing, I promise.

Title: as far as tales go, this one is cautionary
Author: jada_jasmine
Rating: Rated R
Summary: They never stood a chance. People say that makes this romantic.

Recommended because...

Okay, so there's a lot of reasons that I would recommend this fic. The first being, most simply, is that it is amazing. It is amazing in that it makes you emote feelings for a character that is often generally assumed to just be a horrible person. Maybe I consider myself like her, the way she's often written, or maybe just because people have freelance to make her a terrible human being, but Johanna Mason as written by jada_jasmine is above all things, human.

And that is a feat in and of itself in my books.

The second reason that I'm recommending this fic is because it can actually be the backstory to Finnick/Jo, Jo/Gale. There's a believability in the writing and in the way the characters interact that make it both heartbreaking and challenging. The relationships of Johanna have a transformative effect - the writing actually shows the evolution of the character.

Finally, I recommend it because it is a damn good read. It does fall under my usual word count of 10k+, but I felt that I could give it the 100 word discount because it's a one shot that made me hurt inside.

The writing is fantastic - it gives depth, evolution and believability to the characters. And it makes Johanna Mason, the sarcastic bitch punching bag of the THG fandom, have a little more ground (and pity) to stand on.

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