Thursday, April 5, 2012

Got Your Back (Prim/Rory)

Since the brilliant Grow Together has ended, I've been searching high and low for a new multiple chapter fic to sink my teeth into. And look! I've found one!

Title: Got Your Back
Author: karebear
Summary: They learned a lot from big sister and big brother, how to help and how to hurt and how to survive. They step up when the world falls down, the unsung heroes of this war.
Ship: Prim/Rory
Review: Got Your Back is so, so innovative. The rare, minor pairing is portrayed perfectly, and is written in wonderful prose. Karebear really gives life to both characters of Prim and Rory. I really enjoyed this differing view and focus of canon events. A heartbreaker - and it's complete, too!

Prim's nearly asleep, her head on Rory's lap.

"You can't be comfortable," he murmurs, combing his fingers gently through her hair. She doesn't mind, even though she thinks he's actually making it more tangled up. He shifts just a bit, leaning against the wall, letting it support his weight so that he doesn't notice as much that his legs are feeling a bit numb.

He sounds about as tired as she feels, but she doesn't want to move, to break whatever magic spell lets everybody be happy, just for tonight. "I'm fine," she whispers. "I'm really, really good."
"Me too," Rory tells her. He traces slow circles on her back as the music and quiet conversation lulls her into a state of perfect relaxation. She doesn't think she's ever felt like this before, and certainly not in recent memory.

Happy reading!
~ Little Miss Mionie

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