Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beside and Near (Lavinia/Darius)

Another week, another rec! Time to shine some light on an up-and-coming pairing, featured in two fabulous fics by the talented when-i-caught-myself. Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

Title: Near
Summary: This is the story of how Darius and Lavinia first met. Keep her near; she's all you need. Nothing is the the same now; after they silenced you for good you found myself near her. She is all you need now. Oneshot.

Title: Beside
Summary: This is a companion piece to my other story, Near. When you saw him beside you you knew there was something new. To be at his side couldn't be any less wonderful.

*Catching Fire and Mockingjay spoilers ahead*

My Recommendation:

"Near" starts off dark, without another way to put it. Darius' perspective on the pain of being turned into an Avox, and the humiliation of old friends from District Twelve seeing him in that light. The emotion is captured beautifully, with a focus on his sentiments and not just the actual events. The piece also fills in gaps in the canon without flaw, realistically so that you can see it actually being the way it happened. It's the sort of story you confuse with the actual books.

Lavinia and Darius' relationship gets off to a firm, non-cliche' start. The exploration of the connection between them is nothing short of perfect - wonderfully sweet and adorable, though of course we know how it ends. You can quickly see the bond forming betwText Coloreen them:
I don't want to elaborate further, even though Lavinia is probably the last living person that will truly understand me.
Thankfully, she doesn't pry. She writes three very simple words. "Are you okay?"
I nod. "Yes." Even if it might not be true, I don't want to seem weak.
Instead of writing, she gently puts down the pad and pen and takes one of my hands in hers. Her hands seem so small compared to mine, but they are slender and strong. Our fingers entwine together, sharing warmth. Even if we could still talk, we didn't need to say anything.
We sit down on the small bed. She edges close to me and rests her head on my shoulder. I lean my head on hers. We both feel lonely, but not now.

"Beside" is the companion, the piece written in Lavinia's perspective. What's nice is that it's different from "Near". It's not just a retelling; the voice is distinctly different, the view on what happened refreshing instead of exactly the same. Her internal reactions perfectly match her behavior in the original piece, so the two oneshots compliment each other just as they should, as well as adding to the actual series.

As Lavinia/Darius is still a fairly rare pairing, hopefully these fics get enough attention to bring it into more light... and hopefully then we'll have more wonderful fics like these!

There you have this week's post - go on and check out these fics, and I'll be back with more next week. Shalom to you all~

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