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Polyamorous Fic Rec

Hello guys! Did you miss the little owl?

Sometimes love is so big and exciting that it needs more than one person to exist… welcome to the "Polyamorous Fic Rec". Two series and one fic about this unusual and obscure theme in The Hunger Games fandom.

Summary: A look at Katniss, Peeta, Gale & Finnick's life in Unalaska. AU, polyandry, mature, lemons, the whole 9.

Warnings: Rated M.

Why is this fic a creature from the night?
The main reason for that doesn't involve the fact that Katniss is the matriarch of a three husbands family. What makes this story something new and fresh is the Inuit/Eskimo/Native Alaskan culture where the it takes place.

Why is it good?
It's also be a history class! I personally love Lug84's style, and she works with plot twists beautifully.

Writing stuff comments:
With short chapters and a flowing plot, the author leads you to a different, intriguing story where at the end of each chapter you just need to read the next!

Heartbreaking line:
"I'm yours."
"Yes. You're mine."

Summary: Peeta thinks his wife, Katniss, is too pure to have any dirty sexual fantasies. It turns out he's wrong. Very wrong. When the opportunity arises, will they make her fantasies come true?
Warnings: Rated NC-17.

Why is this fic a creature from the night?
I need to be honest: I squealed when I saw this update on tumblr. Seriously: MockingJayFlyingFree and Lbug84 writing a foursome fic? I NEEDED to read this.
Oh right, the obscure part is the FOURSOME one. But it's also the AWESOME part.

Why is it good?
Whoa, hello? Peeta, Finnick, Annie and Katniss? This should be: why is it AWESOME?

Writing stuff comments:
A long story, but every little word is worth it! They explore each relationship separately and combine them together in a polyamorous relationship that works perfectly in their AU world.
Katniss is the main character, and you go paragraph by paragraph exploring this new idea, concept, love. Not just you, reader, is convinced by this, but you feel like the author was convincing herself that four people in a bed would work.
It did, by the way.
First Person POV, a journey into Katniss' pure (yes, I used this word) mind and insecurities, with a story flow that makes you forget how many words this story has.
Considering the enormous success of the story, those lovely ladies wrote a sequel, "Absinthe". It's a WIP and you should also check it out!

Heartbreaking line:
I'm Katniss with no label.
And that's okay. Liberating, even.

"Does It Hurt You At Night, Or Does It Keep You Alive?"ygrainette (tumblr)


Summary: She doesn’t think Katniss will ever really understand the effect she has. Not on Peeta, not on Johanna, not on the whole goddamn country.                      
Warnings: Rated M, PTSD, abuse, violence.

Why is this fic a creature from the night?
Another polyamorous fic, but this one has a strong focus on Johanna/Katniss, so we enter the colorful path of slash fics.

Why is it good?
The author shows Johanna's POV in part of Mockingjay and Catching Fire. Johanna is very well developed and has original touches, such as her background in District Seven.

Writing stuff comments:
3rd Person POV. Johanna is the main character and we see what is going on in her mind through her ironic, sad and hopeful eyes. A short one-shot that makes the readers wonder what would happen if Katniss and Peeta had too much love between them that another person was necessary in their relationship.

Heartbreaking line:
Katniss grins as wide as Johanna's ever seen her. There are crinkles at the corners of her eyes and the ghost of a dimple in her left cheek. It might even be genuine.

Don't spread the hate! If this theme doesn't interest you, feel free to ignore this post! I'll be posting different themes, mostly the ones ignored by the fandom… 

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