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Everlark and Canon Through Other Character's Eyes

Everlark and Canon Through Other Character's Eyes

Featuring guest reviewer Norbertsmom (or ffnet). 

One of my favorite conversations in Mockingjay takes place between Finnick and Katniss in District 13, when he apologizes for not warning Katniss about Snow's method of hurting his enemies by using people that they love against them:

But it wasn’t until Peeta hit the force field and nearly died that I—” Finnick hesitates. I think back to the arena. How I sobbed when Finnick revived Peeta. The quizzical look on Finnick’s face. The way he excused my behavior, blaming it on my pretend pregnancy. “That you what?”

“That I knew I’d misjudged you. That you do love him. I’m not saying in what way. Maybe you don’t know yourself. But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him,” he says gently. (pp. 153-154)

This excerpt is thrilling, not just because it puts into words something that Katniss has been unwilling to acknowledge explicitly to herself until that moment, but because we enjoy the idea of others witnessing and acknowledging the existence of their love.  Yes, there is something voyeuristic about this but it is also an affirmation that this powerful feeling is validated by the world outside of the one in which the two lovers exist.

It is also interesting to see canon events from the point of view of other characters, both major and minor, in fanfiction.

So, my fic recs this week are those written about about either Everlark or canon events from other POVs.  For this, I must acknowledge Norbertsmom for putting together a rather extensive list of over 30 fics from other character's POV.  I'm recommending ones that are classified as WIPs because that's kind of what I do here.  If you are interested in receiving the full list, feel free to reach out to me here, my email ( or on my tumblr (titania522).

Happy Reading!

A Lesson of the Blood by museofmirth (Peeta's POV)

Summary:  Fire had taught him a lesson of the blood. Follow Peeta's journey from the Capitol back to District 12 as he recovers from the hijacking and begins to grow back together with Katniss. Companion piece to Young Blood. End of Mockingjay, pre-epilogue.

The Hanging Tree by FernWithy (Haymitch's POV)

Summary: Haymitch's life continues to deteriorate between the Victory Tour and his first Games as mentor

The Hawthorne Monologues by Dendroica (Multiple POVs)

Summary:  A series of one-shots about the Hawthorne family, from miscellaneous events in The Hunger Games canon. Sometimes scenes, sometimes inner monologues. Generally fits canon. POV is usually Hazelle or Gale. There's no particular order, so chapters are labeled with what book they belong to.

The Melting Pot by mountain_mama (Hazelle's POV)

Summary: Hazelle Hawthorne is fed up with living in District 2 and decides to move back to District 12. What is life going to be like in D12 now that the rebellion is over? Who else is going to move back and help in the rebuilding?

Through a Mentor's Eyes by huckin-cupcakes (Haymitch's POV)

Summary:  "Honestly, unless someone's maimed, dead, or dying, I'm going back to sleep." The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins written from Haymitch Abernathy's point of view. Because I've always wanted to know what Haymitch was thinking/doing.

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