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Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Hunger Games (THG/Doctor Who Crossovers)

So, AAAAAAGES ago, Fiona sent in a request via our email address for reviews of fanfictions where Peeta and Katniss time travel to stop things in their past, like the Games, and cited Wishful Thinking by JulesP as a great example of such a fic. Alas, I couldn't find ANY time travellin' fics, and so shelved the request. But recently I've been wanting to do a fic recommendation on Hunger Games crossovers, and was inspired to look up Doctor Who/THG xovers. I'm sorry that there aren't any more time travel fics in the fandom (writers, get writing!), but here's a bunch that use Whovian ways to tell timey-wimey stories.

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You're Not Alone by Val-Creative
Summary: "You don't look like the Inspector General for the Tributes," is the first thing out of her mouth. Her clever, grey eyes examine his large stetson and the braces. "And that paper is blank." A wide smile perks his long, Time Lord mouth. "Oh, you're good," he says cheerfully, flipping the psychic paper out-of-view.
Verdict: This is my favourite crossover, so it goes first. You're Not Alone features perfectly in-character 11, and centres on a poignant moment of time between the Doctor and Katniss Everdeen. A clear and lovely fic that I think captures both those quiet moments in Doctor Who, and those tense moments in The Hunger Games.

The Time Games by Punzie the Platypus
Summary: Well. That was largely unexpected. Of course, the TARDIS was known for taking them to seemingly random places. The Doctor and Rose just didn't expect a place called Panem, where fighting to the death is the norm and a place called District 13 is really, really strict.
Verdict: I like this story's premise, especially setting it in the Quell, and I like that it's 10/Rose. The author does a great job of injecting Whovian humour into the story. I didn't find it to be a gripping story, but a good one nonetheless.

A Bowtie and An Arrow by bowtiesandredhair
Summary: Four months before the dreaded Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is stumbled upon by a pair of strange individuals. But who else can the fire-haired girl and odd-smiling man rely on when they're helplessly stranded in the Seam?
Verdict: This author does the Doctor Who characters and dialogue so well, positioning them perfectly into the THG fandom. The plot progresses nicely and is a great WIP to get excited about!

A Good Man Goes To War by daniellecj
Summary: AU: The TARDIS takes the Doctor and his companion, Ronan Odair, 20 years back into the Great War of Panem, where their presence could either change the future of Panem or worsen it.
Verdict: A cool idea, with a plot everyone loves: future-kids-g-back-in-time! The execution isn't quite as brilliant as I hoped (the actual writing format isn't very crash-hot), which turned me off, however.

The Girl And The Boy by hawthornhedge
Summary: The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River arrive at the Third Quarter Quell to make sure that the rebellion doesn't end before it can begin. 
Verdict: The plot is awesome, and it's written so well. I LOVE THIS FIC COZ EVERYONE'S IN CHARACTER. Makes me happy. This is as fabulous as fish fingers and custard.

If you'd like use to recommend any other fandom xovers, send us an email at or tweet us @nightlockrecs. I'm a bit of a Doctor Who nut, as you can see, but I know quite enough of Harry Potter, Twilight, Buffy, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Gossip Girl for me to give good, in-the-know recommendations too!

~ Little Miss Mionie

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