Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Panem Victor's Breakfast Club (Haymitch, Finnick, Cinna)

I found The Panem Victor's Breakfast Club by electrumqueen through a great little rec list over at LJ by lylessweat. For some reason I thought it was going to be a funny fic, like Peeta's Honeymoon Survival Kit or something. Ooops! I shoulda known, coz it's electrumqueen, and she does dark like nobody's business.

The Panem Victor's Breakfast Club is an interesting look at the Victors and how the feel as they watch the Games, and how they feel about their tributes. I like that it's set in Katniss and Peeta's games-era because it gives readers a lot more to connect with. I've read a couple of fics set in the past, and I personally find OC's really hard to relate to (and often not terribly original...). Anyways, here's an excerpt for you:

In the 74th year of the Games, The Watch is held at Haymitch's Capitol residence (where it often is, for ease of access to alcohol: even amongst those-who-survived, Haymitch is The Alcoholic); they are playing a drinking game, while watching the interviews. You take a sip every time someone looks like they're about to throw up, and when they actually do (there's always one), you down the whole thing. Haymitch is a cheat; he never sips, only sculls.

Electrumqueen's characterisation of Haymitch and Cinna really stood out to me as I was reading this fic. She doesn't fall into the trap of making them one-dimentstional re-representions of what we see in the books, as many authors end up doing. I loved seeing Finnick young and not as confident as he is when Katniss meets him in canon. This fic is great in its brevity, characterisation and flawless writing style, with dark little asides to sweeten the deal.

Now I'm off to read her Finnick/Annie piece 'and we are shining'. I sincerely hope the title's from Florence's 'Spectrum'!

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Little Miss Mionie

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  1. Must read this soon, sounds amazing! "and we are shining" is lovely, so I trust this'll be just as good. (I'd send in some femmeslash fics, but I think I recc'd all of my top favorites. xD)


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