Monday, December 24, 2012

Family Fanfic (Part Two): The Mellarks

Hello, everyone!  In my last post, I announced that I'd be recommending family fanfic for a few posts.  This post features the Mellark family.  Enjoy!

*Mockingjay Spoiler Warning*

Author:  graceinclouds
Summary:  The Mellark men, their silent camaraderie, and the gentleness that is as inherent in all of them as their blonde hair and blue-eyes.
Rating:  T
Recommendation:  You know, I never thought much about what kind of tensions would be in the Mellark family due to Peeta's mother's... behavior.  But clearly, graceinclouds did, and the fanfic shows it perfectly.  The summary speaking of "the Mellark men" describes their relationship well.  To complement this, the story is mostly told through the eyes of Peeta's father, which provides a unique look at the situation.  Plus, you can really feel the father-son love there.  (And Peeta as a small child in this fanfic?  Adorable.)  Besides that, the actual writing of this fan fiction is just marvelous -- easy to read, enjoyable, simple, and suiting.  "The Gentlest Mellark" is a fanfic that'll take you back in time a bit to explore this family more deeply.

Title:  Remembrance
Author:  Ameiko 
Summary:  Peeta remembers a day with his brothers.
Rating:  T
Recommendation:  Now, think for a second: around this time of year, a lot of us will be spending time with our families -- and we may expect certain traditions and such, right?  So, are fictional characters not the same way?  This one-shot portrays this perfectly.  It gives the Mellark family quirks, traditions, and relationships that make them much more connectable.  And in the present moment, the actual remembering of all of that is painful just to read about.  You can really see Peeta as a human character here who has been put through too much.  As a post-Mockingjay fanfic, it does a great job of exploring how Panem and its citizens will heal after the war.  All in all, "Remembrance" is a story that brings The Hunger Games to life.

Well, those are the fan fictions of this recommendation -- give them a read, and keep an eye open for next time's Family Fanfic (Part Three): The Hawthornes.  Happy holidays!

*Lavender Flame.

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