Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family Fanfic (Part One): The Undersees

Greetings!  For my next few posts, I'll be looking for fan fiction that explores four District Twelve families (and the minor characters/pairings that lie within): the Undersees, the Mellarks, the Hawthornes, and the Everdeens.  Hopefully, some lovely undiscovered gems will turn up in this genre.  This post is for fics featuring the Undersee family.

*Mockingjay Spoiler Warning*

Author:  irmaida
Summary:  "So that one fateful day, when the bombs fall from the sky, raining death, he welcomes it. And his last wish is that Madge will survive." 
Rating:  K+
Recommendation:  I never seem to seek out previous-generation (or mostly previous-generation) fan fictions, but I'm growing more and more fond of the category every time I read one. This one-shot alone could redeem them for even the most adamant post-Mockingjay-fics-only reader, I think. It captures a beautiful style perfect for this kind of fanfic, and portrays a unique, engaging backstory for the whole Undersee/Donner family. They become very fascinating characters who are developed wonderfully even in a short amount of time, and personally, I became much more attached to them than I ever had before. "Of Sisters and Hope and Falling Death" is most definitely a must-read for any Undersee fan.

Author:  WildPomegranate        
Summary:  Mr. and Mrs. Undersee. Her mother lost everything, her father sacrificed everything, and Madge never gave up hope. 
Rating:  K+
Recommendation:  Panem is a pretty screwed up place. I've recommended one of WildPomegranate's fan fictions before, and what I liked in that fanfic I liked in this one just as much: it tells it like it is. It takes what we know of the Undersees from the canon and turns it into something that's complicated, raw and detailed and real. I think that if someone who hadn't read The Hunger Games just happened to read this fanfic, they would assume that the Undersees were major characters in the book. And they would be able to cringe at how screwed up Panem is, because that is captured so perfectly in this fanfic. "Lights Will Guide You Home" is a stunning fanfic that will take you into the "Hunger Games" universe all over again.

Those are the recommendations of this post -- check them out, and stay tuned for next time's Family Fanfic (Part Two): The Mellarks.

*Lavender Flame.

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