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Finnick/Johanna Recs

Hey, all!  Today I present a collection of fabulous, beautiful, amazing, will-make-you-cry-and-laugh-at-the-same-time fic recs that feature a pairing of two of everyone's favorite victors: Johanna Mason and Finnick Odair.

I must say, once I found my first "Finnick/Johanna" fanfic, I was hooked; I couldn't stop looking for more (hence why there are five wonderful recommendations in this post).  A warning -- you're going to need to break out the tissues for some of these fics.

Ladies and gentlemen... I present:

Author:  nicalyse
Summary:  "Let us toast to animal pleasures." Finnick and Johanna in the Capitol. 
Rating:  M
Recommendation:  This was one of those fics where I knew, right away, that I liked it, and wanted to recommend it, but I had no idea why.  Then I realized: this is truly Finnick/Johanna at some of its best, exactly as it could've happened and realistically portrayed while staying true to their characters.  It fits right in with what we know of them in the books.  Besides that, nicalyse is a master of syntax, and you'll find yourself slightly addicted to the writing itself.  Truly a five-star fic all around.

Author:  WildPomegranate
Summary:  Two people have unintentional sex in a drunken haze, and instead of letting it ruin their friendship, they forget. But Johanna Mason doesn't want to forget. 
Rating:  T
Recommendation:  This fic, as it states very early on, "tells it like it is", which suits the characters and the situation.  I found this slightly on accident, and it was not what I expected when I stumbled upon it at all.  Which was good - why? - because I expected the cliche version of the story, and then a lot of angst.  It breaks away from the cliches (going with telling it like it is) and the angst is nicely not overdone.  A fabulous idea for a fic as well makes it an amazing story.

Author:  electrumqueen
Summary:  Johanna and Finnick flirt with rebellion, and learn that the Capitol has teeth.   
Rating:  T
Recommendation:  This fanfic has some incredible backstory of both of these characters, and the pairing.  It takes everything hinted at over the course of the canon and flawlessly weaves it into one piece that makes you love these two even more.  Their relationship itself doesn't go against what we see in the books -- affectionate but casual, well-developed.  Plus, it gives some cool insights into the lives of the victors.  It's a must-read if you always wanted to know more about these characters.

Title:  Interlude
Author:  sabaceanbabe
Summary:  Stuck in the Capitol a few weeks before the 75th Hunger Games, Johanna and Finnick find in each other a little solace before their lives are ripped apart again.
Rating:  M
Recommendation:  The first thing that drew me into reading this was how much sabaceanbabe seems to just get the Capitol setting -- this adds on to the world of Panem we know and adds some that we don't.  Johanna and Finnick are both kept incredibly in-character (something especially difficult in non-canon scenes), their interactions natural and believable; the dialogue is positively stunning.  A remarkable fic every Johanna/Finnick fan will love.

Author:  oneoffour111
Summary:  Five times Finnick and Johanna held hands... and one time they couldn't.  
Rating:  K+
Recommendation:  This is a sweet "five times (and...)" oneshot that captures sometimes-fluffy, adorable moments between these two victors.  The plot of the series is still there, definitely not ignored but kept just enough in the background that the characters can really shine.  One aspect of the fic to be admired is the difference of each section; it's not just more of the same each run and keeps it fresh.  Perfect job of exploring dark themes while still keeping it light.

That's this week's post, everyone -- check out these fantastic fanfics!  Next week: Foxface pairings.

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