Friday, October 26, 2012

(Cinna Fics: Part Two) you might get away with it

Well.  It's been quite a long time, hasn't it?  My deep apologies, everyone.  School, a trip, medical issues, appointments, and all the usual caught up to me.

A bit of explanation for this rec -- yes, my last post was "Cinna Fics", and yes, this rec fits into that category.  I originally bookmarked it as one to read and then possibly include in that post, but soon lost track of the bookmark and only read it afterwards, and loved it.  So here it is now.  Ladies and gentlemen...

Author:  paperclipbitch
Summary:  He loves her, but not enough to save her.
Genre:  Angst
Rating:  T
Pairing:  Cinna/Portia

*Spoiler Warning*

My Recommendation:

This fic has the tag "sad as all hell".  I think that sums it up nicely.  Between the beautiful style (a reverse-chronology extended oneshot), unique third-person voice, and absolutely wonderful character development and world-building, this is truly a brilliantly executed fic.  It's rather hard to stop reading, you become so engaged in what is going on and leaving the universe mentally is difficult.  This is a oneshot that single-handedly can satisfy all of your questions about Cinna's life, past, and perspective, and elaborate on Panem plus everyone from the most minor of characters to Katniss and Peeta.  It's a  very different approach to Cinna/Portia and their characters, and as such very interesting to explore.  Overall, a quite tragic story masterfully told.

This is, perhaps, my favorite bit of the fic:
They take everything from you for a lot less: Cinna learned that the hard way, after all.
“Do you really think they’ll let them have two victors this year?” Portia asks after a while, because it’s late, because they’re alone, and because sooner or later someone has to ask that question.
Cinna doesn’t know; he doubts it, because the games have only ever been cruel, never merciful, and star-crossed lovers can only get away with things for so long. He’s learned that one too.
He stays silent, and in the end Portia just nods and sighs, doesn’t push for an answer or ask for anything else.
That's this time's rec -- give it a read and review; you won't regret it.

*Lavender Flame.

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