Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prim/Rory Quick Recs

Hello, everyone!  This one's another quick-rec post -- pairing of the week is Prim/Rory, or the little sibling ship.  A compact stock of lovely fics to read when you want to get away from the traditional and over-done, so happy reading!

Title:  Just Asleep
Author:  Alice Kenna
Warnings:  Mockingjay spoilers, character death
Summary:  Prim and Rory fanfic, around the time of her death in Mockingjay.
Genre:  Drama/Romance
Recommendation:  This is really just a beautiful little fic all around, adorable with the young love, tragic and heartbreaking with the war, stylistic in the writing itself, containing a new, refreshing characterization of Rory and Prim, and overall, charming and lovely.  It brings new light to what life is like for the children of Panem.  It's a must-read for any Prim/Rory fan, (and highly recommended even if you're not).

Title:  On the Edge
Author:  my crooked heart
Warnings:  Suicide attempt, Catching Fire spoilers
Summary:  After the announcement of the Quarter Quell, Prim just isn't sure if she can handle losing her sister again. 
Genre:  Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Recommendation:  We see how horrible the Hunger Games are from Katniss' perspective, but don't see the effects on those watching at home.  This fic does show us, and does an excellently jarring job of it.  "On the Edge" proves that the other characters had just as intense emotions and reactions and you start to sympathize with them a lot more; you'll want to check out this author's other Prim/Rory fics as well!

Author:  AndOceanHaze
Warnings:  Mockingjay spoilers
Summary:  Too bad I didn't know this was the last time I was ever going to see her again. Ever hug her, ever hold her. That's the problem with Everdeens. You always end up losing them.
Genre:  Romance/Friendship
Recommendation:  Especially after finding out this was the author's very first fic, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the writing brings us back into the canon Hunger Games universe.  Also, Rory -- and all the characters -- are presented as very human and flawed and realistic.  This story is well-paced and flows smoothly, it does an expert job of handling a large period of time in a short piece.  An excellent and well-told story.

There you go -- hope you enjoyed!

*Lavender Flame.

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