Sunday, September 2, 2012

Haymitch/Effie Quick Recs

Welcome back, tributes!  This week I bring a small collection of fabulous "Hayffie" fics for you all, ranging from canon to AU, pre-THG to post-Mockingjay (spoilers!), settings from the Capitol to District Twelve.  Enjoy!

Author:  xashesxashesx
Summary:  Haymitch unexpectedly finds Effie while taking down one of the Capitol’s prisons.
Rating:  K
My Recommendation:  This fic really brings all of the Capitol and even Thirteen's cruelty forward even when it's not being directly shown.  It's not a light-hearted fic, and it doesn't deal with light-hearted topics.  It's very raw and real and that pulls at your emotions in a way a lot of more suspended fics don't and maybe can't.  Very touching, brings out the war story in the "Hunger Games" canon in a new light.

Title:  we found love
Author:  Dragon
Summary:  Haymitch and Effie reunited after Mockingjay.
Rating:  T
My Recommendation:  When writing Haymitch and Effie as a pairing, it can be hard to keep them in-character, given the very non-romantic way they interact throughout the books; but this story pulls it off perfectly.  It makes you believe that they do deeply care for each other even through all the contradictions, and isn't too forceful or preachy about doing so.  Here, it flows naturally and is easy to read, very much like them.

Author:  sparklyulz
Summary:  "There are no happy endings in this world." He breathes, because that's always been his philosophy.  She looks up to him in surprise before she finds her own voice, "Not for those who deserve them, anyway."
Rating:  T
My Recommendation:  This story is excellently and realistically paced in terms of their relationship, but keeps you engaged in it and not negatively wishing for more.  It is especially impressive in a oneshot of this length, where pacing a whole story can be hard.  This fic does a nice job of not just using canon events to fuel their relationship, instead taking a stand on what happened with them before, after, and in-between those times.  A very nicely written story.

Those are this time's recs -- next post: Prim/Rory stories.

*Lavender Flame.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. May I suggest this one. It is by Song of Grey Lemons called Colour Wheel: The story of seventeen years, as told in terms of hues and shades. The author swears not to be Suzanne Collins, but I am not so sure. Could it be Suzanne Collins herself writing this?


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