Monday, August 6, 2012

Foxface Pairings

Hello, all -- quite the delay on this, so sorry for that, but alas, here we are.  This post, I present two fics, two pairings, both centering around Foxface of District 5.

Author:  Lulubird
Summary:  The story of an unlikely friendship between Clove and Foxface.
Pairing:  Foxface/Clove

Author:  butforthegrace
Summary:  Star-crossed lovers from the same district are bad enough.  Star-crossed lovers from two different districts are impossible.
Pairing:  Foxface/Thresh


the dice was loaded from the start -- I stumbled across this fic and thought no, I'm not seeing this: Foxface and Thresh?!  And then I was clicking on it, and reading... and reading... and reading; I couldn't quite stop.  What was so addicting about it?  It was real.  It was one of those fics that actually portrayed Foxface as a person with emotion and feeling instead of just a sly, calculating character.  You relate to this and think, oh gosh I would've died if that happened to me.  In the "real world" nearly everyone's had feelings similar to Foxface's in the beginning.  Another thing is that this is a "Hunger Games" fic that takes place during the Games, in the arena, and yet, you almost don't think about it at all until the fic finally gets to the point where it hits you.  And then you remember the ending and wonder exactly when you started to care about these two so much that you don't even want to finish this so you can delude yourself -- yet then you do, and think that it was a truly wonderful fic, and you read it again.


A Surprising Alliance -- After finding and loving the fic above, knowing I was recommending it, I set out for more, and was rewarded with this particular find.  What I really liked here was that it was nicely paced -- it didn't read as rushed even in brief, quick scenes.  This fic pulls off something that's hard to do: switching "perspectives" in third person, between two different characters who are sometimes in completely different situations, and sometimes within a few feet of each other.  The start to this alliance is definitely unique -- it's portrayed as being necessary and you don't question the characters' choices for a moment.  And as unbelievable as this may sound: this fic doesn't ignore the canon.  Besides the actual events, they're still in-character (if fleshed out more, a positive) and certain implications aren't disregarded.  Also, this fic has something that quite a lot of stories lack: falling action, especially in the relationships.  Things don't just end, though they do end, and you feel satisfied with it.  A really unique story with a very different relationship.

Those are this week's recs -- check them out and review!

*Lavender Flame.

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