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July's Author of the Month: C.K.isback

Author of the Month

Warning: There’s is some Language in this. You should know what a capital L means.

Hi everyone! It’s cindella204 presenting July’s Author of the Month, C.K.isback! I have loved her oneshot The Games We Play for a very long time, but recently I’ve stumbled upon more of her work, and it’s all great.

The Games We Play is a poetry piece that has short descriptions of six of our favorite characters (Haymitch, Johanna, Katniss, Finnick, Peeta, and Gale) followed by the Capitol. I’d really like to copy and paste the whole fic, especially since it’s short, but that probably wouldn’t be good form, so I’ll just pick three.

Finnick lies. 
Lies about his feelings.
Lies about his pain. 
Lies about his love.
His hurt.
His anger.
Lies about his sanity.

Peeta convinces
Convinces the Capitol.
Convinces the Rebellion.
Convinces to be good.
To right the wrongs.
To walk in light.
Convinces himself that it actually matters.
The Capitol laughs
Laughs about the Games.
Laughs about the Victors.
Laughs about the struggles.
The pain.
The loss.
Because to them, it's all just a game.

I talked in my last Author of Month post about how I’m obsessed with Finnick and Finnick/Annie is my OTP. “Finnick lies” is probably the best way you can summarize what I’ve coined “Finnick Odair’s Ten Years of Hell” in two words. Or even one sentence. Mind=blown. When I first read that, I was like “ASDFGHLKOMGthatwasamazing”. 

Next is another one of my favorite characters, Peeta. Peeta convinces. Peeta being the main “good” character in the series, the yang to Katniss’ yin (oh my gosh that sounded cheesy), but what we forget sometimes is that he too has blood on his hands. Katniss had a semi-decent reason to kill Marvel, he killed Rue, but why did Peeta kill D8 girl? It definitely looked good to the Careers, but he didn’t have to. They did ask him to, he offered to. Therefore, I like “Peeta convinces” because I feel like he has a lot to convince himself of never mind everyone else.

The Capitol laughs. Amazing. The end.

Next story.

I wanted to talk about this one, called What the Hell, Guys? because it works with a minor character in an amazing way. This is Titus, that guy from 6 who was a cannibal:

To be frank, I don't really get why the hell what I did was such a big deal. 
I mean, come on! Hello people, these are the Hunger Games! Not the "Let's play nice and not kill each other!" Games. I was just being smart - sensible. And yet they had to go and fuck my life up. Not cool. 
Anyways, it's simple logic: Hunger is to eating as Games is to winning. And winning means eliminating the competition. 
It was only smart to do them both at the same time. Saved me the trouble of bitchin' about what to eat. 
But the Capitol had to open their little plastic mouths and quibble about it. "But cannibalism is immoral." "Eating other people is gross!" "God, that Titus kid must be really screwed up, I hope someone kills him." 
News Flash, jerks: The Hunger Games is immoral. If you want something that'll make your stomachs sick and leave you thinking "How could anyone do this?", all us Districts have to do is flip on our T.V.. Why do you think I became a cannibal? For my own enjoyment? Because human flesh tastes like chicken? 
No. I did it because of you.

That’s the beginning of it. I just think it’s really interesting how she characterized him, and I really enjoyed it. It’s just really different then what you’re used to seeing, because most of the main characters in this series don’t have this kind of tone. Johanna, and maybe Finnick on a really bad day, but regardless, it was really original and I loved that.

So, C.K.isback has twenty-three more awesome Hunger Games stories, so go check her out over on FF.N here!


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