Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Self-Promotion Sundays #6

Self-Promotion Sundays

Hey folks, cindella204 again with Self-Promotion Sundays (on Tuesday). Sorry for the delay, last Sunday I was at Kruger National Park in South Africa where they apparently have no wifi (No wifi at a major tourist attraction? Seriously?). So yeah, it's on Tuesday. Whatever. Anyway, this week's stories:

Waiting for forever and a day
by donargh
Summary: What was in the unknown sections of the Quell arena? It’s the morning after that kiss. Plans are being established to kill Enobaria and Brutus. However, the victors are forced to take flight in one of the unknown areas of the arena. What horrors have the Game makers conjured up that could possibly harm one of the victors?
Status: In-Progress

We Remember: The Other Everdeen Girl
by Miss M of Q
Summary: One-shot. In celebration of the first 25 years since the Fall of the Capitol, Caesar Flickerman writes about the unsung heroes of Panem in his post-war newspaper column, We Remember. In this article, he pays tribute to Primrose Everdeen, the Mockingjay's sister.
Status: Complete

That's all for this time! Enjoy!


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