Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Tri-Rec Post (Undiscovered Gems)

Why, hello there, everyone.  This post we've got three fabulous oneshots that deserve a bit more recognition.  *notes eagerness on audience's faces*  Ah well, here you are, this week's recs~!

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Title:  A boy A girl A memory
Author:  librarylemming
Summary:  The story of the boy from district 10 in the 74th hunger games - the boy with the limp. The life you didn't see, and about the girl who was there watching him from the other side of the television screen.
Quote:  "Flickering images. Distorted sound. Nothing seemed real to her anymore. With a stony expression, she watched as they were paraded in their costumes, she watched as they were interviewed, she watched as they lived what was left of their lives on a TV screen. She couldn't think, or sleep, and she barely spoke. Her eyes were forever glued to that screen, as if it held secret to life itself."
Recommendation:  Before reading this fic, I'd never given a lot of thought to the District Ten boy.  But this story is so beautiful it can make you care about the most minor of characters.  Wonderful character development in a small piece, and a tragic, tear-inducing story all the way around.  It reminds you that everyone had someone rooting for them to come home.  Brought to you by librarylemming in a unique and well-chosen format, too.  Highly recommended - check it out for yourself, and review!

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Title:  23 Flies
Summary:  Innocent Johanna Mason could never hurt a fly. But maybe 23... Written for The Rebels forum Holiday Secret Fic Exchange.
Quote:  "The girl from One, she decided, would die slowly. And her district partner would watch, then be mutilated (preferably). Gerard Sullivan from Two, obviously the biggest threat, would die last, as the king piece is always defeated last in chess. His district partner, Sabrina, would be slaughtered as quickly as possible in order to shut her up. Districts Three, Five, Six, Eight, Nine, Ten, and Eleven would be killed... normally. Without special treatment. They made no impression on her. Nick, the boy from Seven, would be avoided as long as possible, and killed quickly if it came to that. The tributes from Four, she planned to drown. And the pair from Twelve would be trapped in an inconvenient avalanche or landslide."
Recommendation:  The Withering Panda has a talent for packing a lot of power into oneshots that flow wonderfully and leave you wanting more but satisfied with the ending.  This isn't just a normal "Johanna's Games" fic that exposes her plan to appear a weakling - instead it brings out a whole different side to her character, one that's cruel and calculating and slightly scares the reader.  Subtle but understandable references give insight into what's behind the Hunger Games.  Go on, read and review - you won't be disappointed.

~ ~

Title:  Wrong Turn
Author:  Toxophilite
Summary:  "I knew I should have taken a left." Getting lost during an uprising can never turn out well. Written for the Caesar's Palace Prompts: Member Challenges, The Vivid Challenge.
Quote:  "A bomb hits a building to my left, sending me flying back. I slam into a wall and struggle for air after the force of the impact combined with the smoke. I refuse to die today. I have to keep moving.
Squinting my eyes, I make my way through the smoke filled streets.
Right, left, right, right, left."
Recommendation:  This fic features a simple concept but executes it with more sophistication, zooming in on events scarcely mentioned in Mockingjay - especially, what it was like to be in a rebelling district for a citizen.  The rather gruesome setting adds a layer to the war rarely seen in most fics which prefer to focus on large plot events instead of the regular people of Panem.  The bloodshed isn't just in the background, either, but is quite well-written and painful to read (in the way intended).  Experience it yourself - go read and give feedback.

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(Note: I apologize if the formatting of this post - apart from being a bit different than my usual style - is slightly off; the new-post page is different and I'm still adjusting.  Thanks.)

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