Sunday, March 11, 2012

RIse Above The Crowds (Delly/Peeta)

Hey, all! Finally back with another rec for you guys.

Author: curiosa
Summary: Delly believes in dreams and freedom and being the best person that anyone can be, but most of all, Delly believes in Peeta.

My Recommendation:

This fic goes to show something about the author, because you would have really had to pay attention to Delly in Mockingjay to pull off characterization like this. For as little of the relationship developed between her and Peeta in the real books there is, this fic builds on it all wonderfully. This section particularly shows this:

“Why do you care what anybody else thinks?”

Peeta’s sat on the edge of her bed, staring at Delly with what looks like increasing confusion.

She wrinkles her nose at his reflection, staring flatly back at her own and sighing. “I don’t care,” she says, even if they both know that’s not true and she’s always been bad at lying. “I just want to look nice for once, you know?”

She knows what everyone says about her behind her back: Delly Cartright, the plump and pale girl with messy hair that’s barely worth a second glance over.

“You do look nice,” Peeta says and then moves restlessly from the bed, stretching out his legs and walking away to look at some of Delly’s old photos.

She tosses back her hair; pulling it up so the curls don’t look so scraggy and then lets them flop back lifelessly onto her shoulders. She likes her eyes, she thinks, a tone of blue and green, somewhere in between the two, which mix together and bring out the best of both her parents.

“You do look nice,” says Peeta, repeating himself, “won-der-ful,” dragging out the syllables and letting them catch at the edges of his teeth. “Always.”

He lets his head flop onto her shoulder and tucks his chin into the crook of her neck. Winking at her as the inevitable smile starts to unfurl on her lips, her hands moving to shove him away from her, laughing, tutting at his silly behaviour and grabbing for her coat that he’s got wrapped around his sleeve, waiting.

Peeta is perfectly in character, and a pro of the fic is that Peeta/Katniss is not completely ignored. This new relationship shown is just so beautiful, and a tragic glimpse at their future as it could've been. It's not completely unrequited love--just two different kinds of it that are contrasting with each other. (And let's face the facts: little kids are just plain adorable.)

Rise Above The Crowds is a highly ambitious piece for a focus on such a rare pairing, and it pulls it off beautifully. Even as a oneshot, you feel you suddenly know everything there is to know about these two. Just wonderful.

Farewell for this week; happy Spring!

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