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Ever In Your Favour (Katniss/Gale)

OHMYNIGHTLOCKBERRIES. I'm so sorry for being away for these past couple of weeks; university has been burying me with assignments. I'm sure it hasn't been bad at all - you've been in the very capable recc'ing hands of Amata, Lavender and Polka! In any case, I'll be sharing a few fics I've recently floved and/or read over the next couple of weeks.

Title: Ever In Your Favour
Author: Estrunk
Summary: In the Epilogue Katniss was just guessing what would happen next. But she didn't see what was coming. Here's what really happened! PeetaxKatnissxGale If you think the end to Gale's story was just not right, take a look.

Please note: Super spoilery review.

I'm super sorry to the lovely Estrunk, but I'm giving a mixed review for Ever In Your Favour. There are many positives to this fic, which I'll go into later, but there was this one thing that made me not enjoy Ever In Your Favour: and that was the catalyst that kicked the plot off.

I'm not new to fanfiction; I've been kicking in in various fandoms for around seven years now. And I think it's because in terms of romance stories, I've mostly seen it all, I could see this plot point coming a mile away - and *spoiler* killing Peeta off so Gale and Katniss can have a relationship is a catalyst that I find to be very weak. I think this is because I've seen it done in a number of other fandoms, mostly Harry Potter, and so I was a bit like, this again? This major plot point was quite unoriginal and boring for me to read, despite how believably executed it was. This, though, was a stark contrast to the rest of the fic; I can honestly say I've never read anything like Ever In Your Favour in the Post-Mockingjay category. I also want to add that I had trouble believing Gale and Katniss' relationship at first; I felt like there wasn't any chemistry between them, only angst. (This eventually changes as the fic progresses.)

With negatives out of the way, I want to talk about the aspects I enjoyed - the parts I can tell Ever In Your Favour's loads of readers love. As aforementioned, the rest of the plot is quite original as it deviates away from the Post-MJ canon we all imagine. Estrunk has Gale's characterisation and voice down pat; Gale was my favourite point-of-view to read. I enjoyed some very unique features, such as Gale's job as a grave digger, and the expansion of settings and location. (What did you say?! We get out of District 12 in a Post-Mj fic?!) Estrunk also did a fabulous job of executing a slow, yet believable story of Gale and Katniss coming together and finding love. And huzzah for an epilogue without marriage and children!

All in all, if you can get past the slightly-overused plot point (and I'm sure I'm the only who couldn't, oops!), Ever In Your Favour is a a Gale/Katniss shipper's dream come true.

Happy reading,
Little Miss Mionie

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