Monday, June 30, 2014

Vote for your fave fics in the Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards!

You have two weeks to vote for your favourite Hunger Games fics in the Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards!

Thanks to amenityeverlark, loverdeen, vitaestspesest, Glittermanic, Suk-fong/BabydollRia, Ellarose88, ETnRL4L, chinchin unicorn, icbiwf, Noelle Erikals30, sabaceanbabe, SpotlessMind, Fortunefaded2012, Norbert's Mom, hakanaii, Baroness Kika, Tentadorabismo, Little Miss Mionie marblesharp, ForestFairy/Shinrin no Yousei, Nprbert, MTK4FUN, fnur and LastLeaf for nominating their favourite Hunger Games fanfictions.

Good luck to all our nominees!

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