Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nightlock Prompt Challenge Winner: Eirenewrites

Congratulations to fanfiction author eirenewrites, who is the winner of our writing challenge! The staff at Nightlock (Little Miss Mionie, Owl, Titania and Cindella204) have written a review of this fic. To remind you, the prompt was:

"She heard the music, first. It was the music that made her realise she was truly home."

Eirenewrites wins this shiny new banner (along with some others): 

As well as our review! Without further ado....

“You’ve subdued the districts, but nothing has changed. You are entertainment. Show up when they say show up. Sing when they say sing. Marry when they say marry.”

Convince Me is an interesting story that had us right from the get-go. It is essentially a rewrite of Catching Fire, with author eirenewrites teasing out or including scenes shippers wish they got to see in the original series. The story feels very canon, and all of us had no problem diving right in to read it. This idea has been done before, but eirenewrites' plot, along with her effective employment of dialogue, reenergises what could have been quite a generic fic.

Eirenewrites' writing style is clearly that of an accomplished writer who knows how to write well.  The author captured Katniss' narrator voice perfectly. The chemistry between Katniss, Peeta and Gale feels very canon. The fanfic as a whole reads very solidly, in that there is enough plot and fandom knowledge to support the main focus of the story, aka Katniss' romantic relationships. A lack of convincing, interesting and dynamic storyworlds are often what let novella fic writers down in this fandom - this is a problem Convince Me definitely does't have!

We all really like how Eirenewrites has included our prompt. It both inspires a scene in the third chapter, and seems to be inspiring further events as the story continues.

Convince Me is currently WIP, with 4 chapters. You can also find it on

Happy reading,
The Nightlock Team

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