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Hunger Games/Harry Potter crossover fics (aka The Potter Games)

Wonderful manip by fadingtales @ tumblr
Many of us readers and writers started writing fanfiction in the Harry Potter fandom before moving onto others like the Hunger Games. It's great to see these two complex story worlds melting together - you can find cool images and ideas following this tag 'the potter games' on tumblr. Without further ado, here's just a taste of the bewitching Harry Potter/Hunger Games crossovers out there at the moment!

And you are only just beginning by swishywillow
Summary: "As the castle fades into the distance, disappearing around a gentle curve, it is almost hard to believe it wasn’t all a wonderful dream." A snapshot of Peeta Mellark's seven years at Hogwarts. 
In A Word: Unusual
(Recommended by The Owl).

Tonight. by Shulik
No summary given.
In A Word: Hilarious!
(Recommended by Weekend Sinner).

The Snow Queen by Darklooshkin
Summary: Rose Potter disappeared at the age of six. In Hermione Granger's sixth year, the Goblet of Fire summons a girl trained to be the champion of a very different kind of game. They wanted a saviour. They got the Snow Queen.
In A Word: Complex

District Four by GinnyMastrani
Summary: Harry Potter is just a kid from District Four. He never wanted this. Cato is a warrior from District Two, he volunteered. When these two collide in the arena, sparks will fly. HXC Warnings inside. Complete.
In A Word: Different

Dropped by BlueMoonsAndTooSoons
Summary: Fleur, Bill, Hermione, and Draco are suddenly dropped into the arena during the 74th Games to help Katniss and Peeta win. What they don't know is how they got there and what the point of all this is. What they discover may change everything.
In A Word: Popular

Unexpected Allies by smurfette81013
Summary: Harry thought his life was going to be as normal as could be. Voldemort is gone and Harry is now Lord Potter-Peverell-Black. Life is great, until a drunken Ron Weasley sends him to Panem. Katniss finds Harry in the woods, injured, and decides to bring him back to District twelve to heal. But when Katniss goes into the arena, what happens to Harry? 
In A Word: Interesting

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