Saturday, December 7, 2013

Affiliate Fic Challenge: Starvation Forum's 'The Holiday Games'!

Our affiliate Starvation, a forum run by our good old bestie Lavender Flame has a holiday season two-shot fic challenge for anyone who is interested! Here are the guidelines:

1. The story must be holiday-themed. It can be any holiday that occurs around this time of year. New Year's, Hanukah, Kwanza, Christmas, and any others you can think of -- all open, so long as it's a holiday. It doesn't have to even be one you personally celebrate.

2. Fics must stand on their own. They do not have to be canon or canon-compliant. They can even be part of your established fanon, so long as they make sense by themselves.

3. ALL pairings, characters, ratings, etc. are open. Combinations with other any other competitions are allowed.

4. However, please do not submit pre-written entries. Also, it's recommended that you mention somewhere that it was written for this competition, so I'm sure that I'm looking at the right fic.

5. This competition has two parts. You will write/publish your holiday-themed, stand-alone one-shot (and send the link/title to me) before December 30th. Entries should be at least five-hundred words long, and they can be in any format you want, so long as they fit the rules of the site you post on. (You do not have to post on, but entries must be public.) During the New Year's Eve party the day after (details on this to come), I will announce the twist-prompt for the second part of the to-be two-shot. Your second chapter will be due by January 31st.

You can find out all the details about how to enter and what prizes are to be won here.

Happy writing,
Little Miss Mionie

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