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WIP Everlark Recs With Titania: Catching Fire Edition

This has been a crazy week for The Hunger Games' fandom.  Every time I opened my tumblr, there were countless premier pictures, official clips and stills to feed the anticipation for the next installment of Suzanne Collins' amazing trilogy.  There is no question that the director and cast of the upcoming film demonstrated a deep understanding of our beloved characters and had a ton of fun making the film too!   So, in honor of the multiple premiers, I went on the hunt for fics set during Catching Fire.  There were countless one-shots and drabbles but below are two mult-chapter fics that really deserve a reader's attention:


What if the Victory Tour ended with a wedding rather than an engagement? A story that explores what would have happened if Peeta and Katniss had been forced to marry. How does this change affect their relationship? District 12? The rebellion? Rated M for later chapters. Banner by Ro Nordmann.

Favorite excerpt:

“I love you.” Katniss froze at Peeta’s words, which he sealed with a kiss to her collarbone.
It terrified to hear those words after the intimacy they just shared.

The ‘thank you” slipped past her lips before she could think of anything better to say and immediately the weightless feeling her body enjoyed just moments ago was replaced by a heavy sense of dread.


He dragged a distracted had through his hair.  “You don’t say ‘thank you’ after…” he closed his eyes and took a deep breath to gain composure. “After something like this.’

He turned away from her and Katniss saw the scars he would bear forever, the high price he paid for loving her.  He left the bathroom with his shoulders slumped in defeat and closed th door quietly behind him.  Katniss dropped her head in to her hands and began to weep.  She wept in shame that her foolish heart once again broke Peeta’s

He was right, thank you was not enough for what had transpired between them.  It would never be enough.

Why I love it:

Characterization!  This fic keeps everyone in character in a credible way.  Katniss feels deeply but is still emotionally daft.  Peeta is sensitive and loving without being emasculated, as many fics end up doing to his character.  But the absolute breakout character of this fic is Gale – still angry, still rebellious but now with the added bitterness that Katniss has returned as the wife of Peeta.  This character is strongly AU but also maintains crucial cannon elements to help the reader connect to the original story.


The effect it has on him is nothing short of satisfying. But wrong, so, so wrong, and different and not me. It's the hunger. The side of me that I didn't think would be. That wants things like this; nakedness, beds, Peeta. And so it's not really me, who reaches out and grasps his wrist when he makes to stand and leave, it's the want. The fire begging for more fuel. *Rewritten*

“You make me weak,” I say, one of the hands I have slung around him, pinching his side lightly.  The accusation in my voice is overpowering.

It takes a moment, but his eyes open, eyelashes tickling my forehead.  I repeat myself when, groggy, Peeta pulls back so we are at a talking distance, but still entirely too temptingly close.  

“How?” he rasps.

“That’s a stupid question,” I tell him.  “You make me have another person to worry about. When I was young… it was only my mother and Prim.  Now I have you, and… Haymitch… and Gale…”

“Loving people isn’t a weakness, Katniss.”

“Yeah, well,” I say, stubbornly, “I don’t love you.”

“I know,” Peeta says, amusement in his voice.     `       

Why I love it:

Again, Katniss is her usual non-reflective self, which is appropriate for her character development at this stage of the trilogy – she has feelings for Peeta but for all the reasons we know, she keeps him emotionally at arm’s length.  Except in this fic, Peeta breaks down those barriers sooner, creating intense emotional drama as we see Katniss forced to confront the intensity of her feelings for Peeta.  The writer makes good use of the source material, rewriting the parts as needed to fit her narrative while maintaining cannon elements. 


In honor of one of the most anticipated scenes in Catching Fire, see below a wonderful piece of fanart by ghtlovesthg.  Johanna converses with Peeta in her birthday suit while a chagrined Katniss attempts to maintain her composure.

Next Rec Theme:  Everlark and the Captiol's Depravities.

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