Saturday, November 30, 2013

Primrose by Alexabee

Hello, guys! The night has just begun, and it's time for some wise rec with the Owl.

Themes that often come out at night are my favorites, and my first rec will be a heartbreaking—though lovely—tale from little Primrose's POV. Trigger warning as this fic contains references to rape.


Prim and Katniss end up in the community home. Canon divergence from Prim's POV. Rated M for non-graphic references to child molestation. Keywords: Canon divergence, community home, Prim's POV, everlark, one shot, child molestation trigger, rape trigger, angst, happy ending.

Warnings: No-Con, Child Abuse, Violence, Rated M. (I said "obscure"…)

Why this fic is a creature from the night? 
Primrose's POV and canon-diverse with Prim and Katniss going to the community home.

Why is it good? 
We see Primrose's innocence being replaced by fear, but Katniss—being Katniss and all—tries her best to protect her sister. We don't have The Hunger Games, but both Everdeens will endure hard challenges all the same. 

Writing stuff comments:

Alexabee has a flowing style, and you'll barely feel you're reading angst. No, kidding, it's angst all the time, but it doesn't suffocate you. It's beautifully written and it's an one-shot: if angst is your thing, go for it.

Heartbreaking line:

"I think it's okay this time, Prim." She smiled. She sounded relieved.

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