Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Stars in Five Thousand Words #2

Hello! This is cindella204 with the second installment of Five Stars in Five Thousand Words, Nightlock's newest series focusing on short fics.

Counting The Ways by RainahFiclets
post-mockingjay extension, less than two thousand words, rated G
Counting The Ways is a short fic explaining the lives of Annie and her son after the war. I'm actually not a big fan of post-Mockingjay fics, but this one is beautifully written summary with great symbolism. I love reading about Annie as a parent, and this definitely delivers.

A Day like Today by VanillaMostly
family study, less than four thousand words, rated T
I have never had much attachment to the Undersees, but this story really made me thing. A Day like Today is an exploration of Madge's first reaping and explores the dynamic of that family in a way that I loved. Also, the characterization of Madge's mom is spot on in my eyes.

That's all for this month. Enjoy!

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