Sunday, June 2, 2013

Younger Revolutions (Johanna/Finnick)

Hiya. Today, I'm reccing Younger Revolutions by falseeyelashes, a Johanna/Finnick one-shot.

Summary: they say: the winners write the history to be read; panem has been witness to other lovers.

This is one long-ass o/s, but a really rocking one at that. It's told by an omnisicent narrator with a bias towards Johanna's hard, unforgiving tone; it's a reflection on hidden moments between Johanna and Finnick during their lives, in particular the Quarter Quell and the events of Mockingjay.

I love the angsty sexual tension between Johanna and Finnick, and that falseeyelashes has gone for portraying these two as in a gritty relationship, and not trying to fool us into a mushy romance. Younger Revolutions doesn't do a disservice to Finnick/Annie shippers, either. Falseyelashes' characterisation and writing style is compelling and in character. I enjoyed the hollow truth of this fic; it's an absorbing read:

"Oh, please know this: in the real world there is no poetic justice. Closure eludes us. The dead do not cast messages received by the living and the in tune. The closest this world will offer is irony, a small twist of the metaphorical blade, but even this element is absent here."

Happy reading,
~ Little Miss Mionie

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