Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekly Fan's Fic Rec

This week's fan's fic rec comes from the dazzling panem'scircuslover!

Title: Honeysuckle Lane
Author: Little Miss Mionie
Summary: Seven years after the downfall of corruption and the rising of peace, Gale Hawthorne returns to live in District Twelve, looking for atonement. Or redemption. Or guidance. … Or maybe some friends. He's not quite sure which right now.
Why do you love this fic? "It's new, written really superbly and features a very angsty Gale. I am excited to wait on tenterhooks for this fic to be updated!"

Aww, thanks for recommending my new fic, panem'scircuslover!

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Happy reading,
~ Little Miss Mionie

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