Monday, June 10, 2013

May Author of the Month: Fluttering Phalanges

May Author of the Month: Very, very late *dodges rotten tomatoes*

For May, we are recognizing Fluttering Phalanges! Her Hayffie piece, Of Perfume, Liquor, and Baby Bottles has broken the 1K review barrier on FF.N, but she has some other pieces that haven't gotten the attention they deserve considering.

Because of that, I'm going to review Perfume in three sentences (fragments), and then talk about other stories.

Familiar concept. Beautifully executed. Worth the read by far.

Moving onto Food for Thought: An Interesting Outlook on Seven Meals. This story is centered on Hayffie like most (but not all) of her work. Haymitch and Effie are either married or doing that thing where you live together, share income and resources, and plan to be together for life, for better or worse, but don't get married. Either way, these cute anecdotes are full of fun little surprises, with appearances by Katniss, Peeta, Annie, and her son (she names him Bae). This a cute, light-hearted piece that'll bring a smile to your face!

Flickers of Hope is also one of my favorites. This one focuses on Thresh and Rue's train ride to the Capitol before the 74th Hunger Games. Although I think Rue is an important character for the structure of the book, I've admittedly never felt much connection to the District Eleven characters. In fact, after seeing the film my pity card shifted toward Cato because, frankly, the acting was a lot better. And then I read Catching Fire and Mockingjay and all of those characters were blown out of the water. But back to the story; Fluttering Phalanges made me connect with Thresh to a certain degree which was great. The story focuses on a few hopeful and heartbreaking conversations between Thresh and Rue with a perfect ending (that I won't spoil) that just brings it all together.

No Finnick and no quotes. Anything is possible, guys ;)

Please go enjoy the work of Fluttering Phalanges by clicking the link!

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