Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekly Fan's Fic Rec: Primrose

This week's fan's fic rec has been shared with us by the dazzling fnur. It's a fic about everyone's favourite little duck!

Title: Primrose
Author: for-prim
Summary: "It is impossible to tell Katniss how much I love her in just a few minutes; I doubt I could properly express myself if I had years to tell her...that she is my best friend, that she is the only one who brings me hope, that I want nothing more than her happiness and health, that without her I would have nothing." A Prim and Katniss story in three parts.
Why do you love this fic? "I love this fic because it provides a more in-depth look at Prim during all three books - her reaction to Katniss's volunteering and how she was when she came home, the distance that the Games created between the sisters, and how Prim grew up without Katniss noticing. A lot of fics just portray Prim as a one-note character who is just all about her sister. This shows human emotions and reactions that are believable, especially of a 12 (then 13) girl who is, at her core, a postive and loving person but thrust into a world where so much challenges her and takes away what (and who) she loves. It's beautiful and tragic and realistic and heart-breaking and just plain awesome."

Thanks for sharing the Prim goodness with us, fnur!

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